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Does CA make the Top 10 Rush albums EVER?


Where does CA rank in the Top 10 Rush albums EVER?  

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  1. 1. Where does CA rank in the Top 10 Rush albums EVER?

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I've had an up and down relationship with this album. 


In 2012, it was my fourth Rush album, after Moving Pictures, 2112 and Permanent Waves (in that order). I bought the UK Classic Rock magazine fan pack which had a generous magazine about Rush and the album, and the album in an exclusive digipak. This edition came out months before the main retail release. I fell in love with it immediately.


I was already growing to love them based solely on the three albums I owned. This album excited me so much, I continued to collect the studio albums. As I did so, and got up to date on their discography, something happened between me and this album. It just lost its excitement, in part because I was in awe of what came before it.


How, over a decade later, I feel I'm rediscovering it. It's actually a breathtaking album, one that I find incredibly adventurous and extravagant. Song for song, I love it all. Each and every song. I think it has incredible flow, it's a dynamic and spontaneous album, and all in all, I think it is actually their greatest album since Roll The Bones. Do I have any faults? The mixing. In fact, the production is shocking. But the music, the songs and the lyrics have won me around once again and it's become a genuine favourite of mine.


But a discography like Rush's, well, I'm not sure it's top ten. Yet, it could be, and arguably should be.


So yeah, that's my story of this album and me. Ups and downs, but as I've matured, this album has too.

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