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La Villa and YYZ v. Time to knock the rust off.


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I got invited to jam with a bass player and drummer. The bass player is a friend from a long time ago, and we were in a band together in the late 80's early 90's. We were discussing songs today, and he wants to play La Villa and YYZ. We used to play them in our sets back then, but it's been a while since I seriously played either of them. I guess we'll see how much I remember, and how much I can relearn in a week and a half.


Wish me luck!!



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Good luck! I hope your dexterity is up for it! smile.gif
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QUOTE (Literatii @ Jun 22 2012, 07:54 PM)
La Villa is a marathon. YYZ is a sprint.

Train for the marathon smile.gif

I spent some time with both, today. La Villa is the easier one to reclaim. Thankfully it is just a jam with two other people. No one is paying to hear us. But if they were, then as always, mistakes are free.


Pending highlights of the jam are:


BNL - Brian Wilson

Fastball - The Way

John Mayer Trio - Try

Johnny Cash - Big River


Pending low light:


John Mayer - Come Back to Bed (the bass player sings it in another band.)


The real magic will happen when we play a blues or something like that. I've been studying blues progressions and soloing a lot lately, and am really looking forward to applying what I've learned.

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