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What is the most money you have ever paid for a

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QUOTE (Drunk Pirate Robert @ Nov 23 2006, 12:08 AM)
single bottle of alcohol?

Me -- it was last Christmas season. Bought a bottle of 18 year old Macallan for about 105 bucks.

What a coincidence! I bought a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label last week for $200. That is the most for a single bottle of liquor...but not the most I have spent in one night.....



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Around $100 for some Patron.


I remember at once at a "big group" dinner one of the ladies ordered a bottle of $100+ champagne for her & her special someone. My date (and future wife) heped herself to 3 glasses amid wicked glares. laugh.gif



At that moment I knew she was the one! wub.gif

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