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Top and bottom 5 Rush album covers...


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Top 5:

Moving Pictures, Signals, Permanent Waves, Test For Echo, Power Windows


Bottom 5:

Snakes and Arrows, Clockwork Angels, Hold Your Fire, Counterparts, Rush

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Fine, I guess one does have favourites and disappointments...


Top Five


2112 (it's stood the test of time, iconic, simple, decades of reference)

Test For Echo

Permanent Waves (before anything like Photo Shop existed and super cool politics with the newspaper headline)




Least Five


Hold Your Fire (although I have said before - the three dots meant very little until I saw the memes circulating with two dots, after Neil's passing - that was a kick in the gut)

Snakes & Arrows (I like the hands and the prose theme, but it's more than that, as an album theme)

Vapor Trails (although the album itself means a great deal)

Clockwork Angels (busy and bright)

Fly By Night (simple and the first album together, but always looked too simple to me)


Using the same artist is not an issue for me, the guy's brilliant and I have at least one book of artwork (dedicated to Lorraine) - love the album covers and associated contextual artwork - but the inside artwork often matters more. 


And this a visual survey, not a musical opinion.

Outliers are: Caress Of Steel - Super cool with backstory, but doesn't stand out in a stack of vinyl. RUSH - early days, a splash of colour and defiance, classic but against all the artwork of the rest, not a top contender.




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Top 5 covers:

1. All the World's a Stage: that picture rings true for anyone who has ever seen Rush live. Neil's kit is glowing as if it's warming up. The amps are on and ready to go. You can feel the anticipation. It's about to rock.


2. Moving Pictures: This one is artistically perfect. The arches. The symbolism. The characters present. It sets the tone for a varied and perfect album.


3. Signals: I love the colors. The logo is a riff on the runny ink pen of hemispheres but updated for the 80s. The album title shares similarities with Moving Pictures in terms of the font. The symbolism of the dog and the hydrant is super clever. 


4. A Farewell to Kings: I love the juxtaposition between the medieval puppet and the modern ruins and city in the distance. The Color Of the sky. The crown on the ground. A very striking piece.


5. Grace Under Pressure: This album cover and the sounds within are a perfect match. It's cold and intense. Perhaps rather than Olympus.....our voyager from Cygnus X-1 arrived in this world instead. Perhaps this is him on the cover surveying and interpreting what he sees.



1. Hold Your Fire: Terrible. The inside cover art should have been the cover.


2. Vapor Trails: I appreciate the effort but this is another nothing-burger of an album cover.


3. Snakes and Arrows: I'm not sure what rubs me the wrong way about this cover but it just does.


4. Test For Echo: I appreciate the intent but this one is ruined by one of the more boring logos.


5. Clockwork Angels: too much red....hurts my head.


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Top Five:-

  1. Exit Stage Left
  2. Signals
  3. Moving Pictures
  4. GuP
  5. AFTK

Bottom Five:-

  1. Fly by Night
  2. Hold your Fire
  3. Rush
  4. Caress of Steel
  5. Counterparts
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