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Bob Saget dead at 65.

invisible airwave

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It appears that Saget died of head trauma. He hit the back of his head on something, and he is believed to have gone to bed afterwards....and died overnight. No foul play, no drugs involved.


I saw that- so sad for his family. It makes you wonder how he did it, although I guess we have all slipped or something at some point. It reminds me of Liam Neeson's wife Natasha Richardson, who had what she thought was a minor fall during skiing. It caused some kind of fatal head injury as well.


I was about 15 when I lost control of my snow sled and rammed into a house. Hit my head, knocked myself out. I only remember standing in the street by the ambluance and spewing F-bombs. The poorly-trained ambulance guys let me go home, with a bloodied scalp and everything. When Dad came home and found out what had happened, he took me to the hospital, where they treated me for a concussion (and four stitches in my scalp). He then went to the fire department and laid into the dopes for not taking me to the hospital. You DON’T blow off any head injury. :no:

Yep. MLK Day I had a hard fall skiing, landed face first into hard pack, lost consciousness. I was bloody-faced and barely able to answer simple questions, so I got the sled ride down the hill. At the base lodge my status was still shaky, so they helicoptered me to a Reno hospital where I got CT scanned and spent seven hours in observation. Three weeks later, I am on the mend, with swelling gone and just a tiny sign of a black eye. I managed to crack my orbital in two places, though, and damage a major nerve, so my face and teeth still largely numb. My badly bruised ribs and sternum have made sneezing absolutely agonizing.


Oddly, rotating my chest doesn't hurt at all, so I managed to play golf the other day. My head injury makes it impossible to overswing, so I actually had one of my best rounds ever, shooting a ridiculous 75. :lol:


P.S. I got the hospital list of charges for my seven-hour stay. $23,000, not including the helicopter ride.


Glad you are OK! That was a serious fall!

Thanks, BC. I feel very lucky.
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