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And welcome to the Forums drumstix2112. As you can see, they are a tough crowd!


I have met at least one forum member who can read, I will pass on your message.

And it looks like you might have to publish a sensory version? One that is absorbed into the skin by way of sound waves, Rush songs playing simultaneously to assist? With the plot points?


Honestly, I will be looking into this. Very cool premise.


Cheers, and good luck with sales!


Okay, I figured out what the "quote" button is for, seems to me they should have explained that somewhere. Anyway, thanks for your non BS reply LOL!! Yeah, Absorption would be the best way LMAO!! And I guess this site is full of smartass people then? Well, I can give as well as get so I'll have to start serving LOL! Thanks for the support, much appreciated!!


Late to this thread but, people generally don't respond as seriously to new posters who use their first few posts to advertise something they made, unless that something is a really good Rush cover. Just my experience. We're all looking to chat with other Rush fans here, not necessarily to read Rush inspired novels written by other Rush fans, though I applaud you for undertaking the endeavor. I guess what I'm saying is you may get more mileage by posting around a bit for a while and letting us all get to know your personality.

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