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Alex featured on the cover of Guitar Player Magazine (Nov 2021)


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It's been a while since Alex graced the cover of a mainstream magazine, so it was great to see him on the cover of the November 2021 issue of Guitar Player.


There's a featured interview with Alex as well as a review of his recently released Les Paul Axcess Standard guitar.


More details and links to both articles available here:





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"I have a violin that I'm screwing around with."


I wonder if Ben Mink is possibly giving Alex violin lessons via Zoom.


Ben mentioned in his recent CBC My Playlist interview that he gave Stompin' Tom Connors lessons in the late 80's.


Stompin' Tom was trying to learn the Hank Snow song 'I'm Moving On' on violin.

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Was thinking about maybe getting the Epiphone Axcess..........was checking some reviews and overall,it got positive reviews ...the Gibson is out of my league ;)


Ditto ! :-)

Edited by Alex’s Amazing Arpeggios
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I’ve heard the Epiphone is very nice. I know a couple of people who have gotten them recently.


Cool for Alex on the magazine cover. I miss seeing him too.

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Alex has ALWAYS been my favourite


So expressive and emotional in his playing.

Open minded to new ideas and influences

and wisely picking & choosing what would

work , make it ‘ Lerxst ‘ like ( rather than merely

copying his new inspirations ) and

making it all work un-selfishly within the framework

of the band.

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Always great to see Alex stuff, truly.

I wish he had the "bearded" look of late for the cover shoot. I think he looks super cool.

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