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Found 5 results

  1. Really surprised this thread doesn't exist yet. What do you think is the best song from this album? For me, probably Headlong Flight, but Clockwork Angels and Seven Cities of Gold are close seconds.
  2. You know the drill: choose one song from each album that received little airplay, isn't appreciated as much as it should, or even isn't played live as much as it should be. Here's my list: Rush: Here Again Fly By Night: Beneath, Between, and Behind Caress of Steel: Fountain of Lamneth 2112: The Twilight Zone A Farewell To Kings: Cinderella Man Hemispheres: Circumstances Permanent Waves: Natural Science Moving Pictures: (Are any of them underrated?) Witch Hunt Signals: Losing It Grace Under Pressure: The Enemy Within Power Windows: Emotion Detector Hold Your Fire: Lock and Key Presto: Superconductor Roll the Bones: Neurotica Counterparts: Cold Fire Test For Echo: Totem Vapor Trails: Freeze Snakes and Arrows: The Way the Wind Blows Clockwork Angels: The Wreckers
  3. Post yours! Curious to see what shows up here...
  4. I looked for a thread on this and couldn't find one. Instead of 10 different comments on the same song, either find a song that you agree is the worst Rush song of all time and "like" it instead of adding a new comment, or nominate one that hasn't been nominated yet. Try to "like" only one comment in this thread for an accurate overall opinion. I nominate "The Larger Bowl" as the worst Rush song of all time. It is boring, and depressing. Geddy's groaning and Neil's lyrics that seem to imply that some social problems can't be fixed in the world make me want to break shit. Even Alex's decent solo can't save this song. If you agree that it is the worst, like my comment. If you want to nominate other song, back it up with some evidence.
  5. Probably a post that has been battered to death with over usage, but I'm curious to hear answers, so here goes it. There's a new law that restricts everyone to have one Rush song to listen to, their favourite one. Without any smart answers here, what's your favourite Rush song, (the one you choose) and why? After long deliberation and vacillation, mine is Presto, because it's my favourite Rush song and I never get sick of listening to it no matter how many times it comes on shuffle. It's hard though!!
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