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Found 19 results

  1. Okay I know I already accidentally did another greatest singers of all time thread, but this is different. This is about prog singers specifically, and it's not an ever growing list, it's a challenge to each poster to list your personal top ten! I was just talking with my dad about this and we both agreed it's hard to do much better than Steve Walsh within prog. Geddy in his prime is close.
  2. So a couple years ago I made a thread to list 120 prog albums and promised that I would put together a vote.... HERE'S THE VOTE! You may vote for up to 11 albums in each group, but no more! Holy cow I just finished making the poll and I have no idea how people are going to choose only 11. This is all just stacked. Notable omission from the original list from the original thread: Jethro Tull - Aqualung. One of my favorites too so I don't know how it got missed.
  3. Neil is featured on/in the February issue of PROG magazine. It is usually available in Barnes and Noble stores, and it's available here as well- you can choose single issue 106 in the lower right of the page- https://www.newsstan...bscription.aspx From PROG- "Subs copies are arriving now so here's the cover of Prog 106, which is on sale next Tuesday February 4. There was only ever one man who was going to grace the cover of this issue and we pay tribute to late RUSH drummer Neil Peart who sadly died last month aged 67. We speak to those who knew him and explore his lyrics and his drumming while the prog and rock world also remember the man they called 'The Professor' (see first comment). There are also brand new exclusive interviews with SOFT MACHINE, Oliver Wakeman, Iamthemorning's Marjana Semkina, District 97, GODSTICKS, 65daysofstatic, Moon Duo, Exploring Birdsong, The Far Meadow, Nightwish's Marko Hietala, Nicolas Godin, A Formal Horse, Colin Edwin and more... And music from M-opus, Tirill, How far to hitchin, PANOPLY and more on the CD. Prog 106 - A Tribute to the late Neil Peart. On sale Tuesday February 4..."
  4. OK, so I saw this post today on FB, anyone ever heard of Antoine Fafard? he's got like this horror movie Goblins proggy kinda vibe, from the little bit I heard, really cool! Hopefully this link works. https://www.facebook.com/Todd-Sucherman-128960850471267/?__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARAnX4Q6_vOTOxyjlP_G_xr3qU-ZIqcygZX1wLIi3ymZKceZ6YukFBuvn6D8fWMV8WxI13vQ9AKqOeWK
  5. It is an album that I have been obsessed with for a bit now and is one of my favorite Genesis albums. I'm curious to know your thoughts on it, favorite songs? Parts?
  6. So a great number of us aren't simply Rush fans, but prog rock fans in general. And in testament to that, I figure it's time to elect 120 candidates to go up against each other in a series of polls to determine the board's favorite prog album ever! If you know you've got a controversial choice, you may want to explain it, but seeing as there will be polls after this thread, it probably won't matter. Albums that aren't prog probably just won't get votes. Anyway, let's start things off on a high note: 1. Rush - 2112 say what you want about side 2, but side 1 is a prog essential
  7. You oughta check out these cats from Vancouver. All young session pros. Here is a live session video with one of the more prog-inspired tracks on their recent debut.
  8. This group came up on my youtube feed refcently, loving it so far http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMJTofSaKUM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Yiq4ocwQJs
  9. I'm going to make this a semi-permanent feature, if it's ok for everyone. And remember, it's for FUN! Not that I'm going to post a song everyday, either, even if the source material is vast and deep and unfathomable. Seeing that there are a lot of vintage Italian prog lovers here, I thought it might be fun to share "the dark side" of that particular moment in time. Bands and singers that, although influenced to a larger or lesser degree by "prog", kept one and a half foot firmly in pop territory. They couldn't play, they wouldn't, they didn't care, they wanted to make money. Your choice. But say what you want, they knew how to hold the stage and they could deliver. So be ready for a barrage of ridicoulous melodic honey, awful british rock covers, silly jackets and terrible hair. No other song is fit to be the first in thread like this, so here it goes. You might recognize this one.
  10. http://youtu.be/0A03LT3UEEI Definitely worth many listens!
  11. Debut album out soon!! I think I could sleep to these guys but the voice sounds good and someone here will definitely like them!
  12. Hey folks and fellow fans of Rush, My band AirBorn is gearing up to release our new single, "Mudpond" with it's b-side "Semi-Sweden." Our music is most certainly influenced by Rush, and you may remember our release in late 2012, an instrumental space concept album, The Day the Sun Revolved Around the Earth. You'll hear other influences as well - Camel, Dixie Dregs, Steely Dan, Opeth (think Heritage), Return to Forever, etc. I'd appreciate it if you'd give it a listen and check it all out. You can listen here: http://airborn.bandcamp.com/album/mudpond-semi-sweden. Thanks! PE
  13. Arjen Lukassen had done it again. Another heart-warming masterpiece. Take due note and do the right thing.
  14. To think the vaults of our national television are full of these gems, quietly and magnetically fading away... Can you picture this kind of music on tv NOWADAYS????
  15. For research purposes. Obviously both songs present a dark mood. Which one do you think is "darker" or perhaps even "scarier"?
  16. A couple years ago on TRF we had a thread going about how pretentious prog bands can be sometimes- it might have come up when DT wrote about the Persian empire I'm not sure- and anyhow I thought wouldn't it be funny if someone wrote a song about the life cycle of the cicada, complete with all the roman numerals and everything. Well, now someone has! If you're not familiar, a cicada's a large-ish insect that lays its eggs in the ground where they hatch and live there for a very long time (17 years I believe). Then they crawl up to the surface and molt their shells into their winged forms for a few weeks to mate and lay more eggs and die shortly thereafter, whereas the cycle begins again. I mean, what a subject for prog right? :D I'll put the lyrics below the "video", it's just a title card because honestly I don't know how you'd go about making a video about this sort of thing. I don't know jack shit about what time signatures this thing is and all that jazz and did my best with the drums but it didn't come out to bad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQPULqvMf6c&feature=youtu.be I. Into the sky Up in the sky Way up high Dodging the trees so we don't die Look at that spot It's good Man, I don't feel so good Landing to lay our eggs Now why can't we feel our legs?! II. Under the earth It's soft and warm and cozy Far below the ground It's where we're living- Darkness, safe and sound But now it's time! The egg just hatched! Squirming larval soup: "We eat and sleep and sleep and eat and poop!" III. Perchance to poop (instrumental) IV. To the Surface The years have passed This life half-assed It's almost time to rise Time to leave this soil most dispised We dig and dig, it takes forever Will we stop? NEVER!! The coldness grips our exoskeletons Our life now begins! V. The Courting of Bug Bitches It's lonely out here Where's all my friends? Climbing on fence posts? Splitting their skins? I feel strange, I'm starting to molt Now I have wings, but where do I go? I'd impress the big bitches, but I ain't got the dough.. Well, here comes one now WHATTA YA KNOW?! I impressed the bug bitches! VI. Into the Sun The deed is done It's time to run Flying off into the sun These wings are new To go unused? What do we do? What do we do?! Falling faster Crashing down Like a bullet towards the ground A LIVING BULLET TOWARDS THE GROUND!! VII. Into the sky (reprise) Up in the sky Way up high Dodging the trees so we won't die Look at that spot It's good Man, I don't feel so good Landing to lay our eggs Why can't we feel...?
  17. There's an album I'm thinking of, the music, the atmosphere, the vibe, the cover artwork, all seems to be have been created by aliens or for aliens or describes aliens and their weird alien planet? I'll reveal mine later. What's yours?
  18. It easily passed under my radar until yesterday, but has anyone heard this phantasmagoric concept album? It's something of a psychedelic pastiche, all over the place, with weird sounds, a lot of vocalists, a deep love for B-movies and a concept about Atlantis. It will probably go down in history as one of the great lost concept albums, since it has nothing to do with the "modern" notion of prog as shaped by PT or Anathema. Pepe Deluxé sound more like the Gong or the Incredible String Band of the 21st century. This is more like The Pretty Things than Yes or KC. Still, worth investigating.
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