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Found 20 results

  1. I know people here on the Forum enjoyed the most recent Yes album "The Quest", the first without The Fish, Chris Squire. Heaven and Earth was a weak album, I don't think it's bad, but its just not enough, and people tend to ignore it. Easily the worst Yes album since the debut back in '69. But Fly From Here seems to be an album that people ignore as well, probably because Jon Anderson isn't on it. But I really enjoy it. I believe Benoit David does a very good job vocally (he was trained by Trevor Horn, since Horn was very specific on how he wanted the vocals to sound), but I have no lineup bias. It's not the best Post-80s Yes album, but the "Fly From Here" suite is certainly the best post-80s Yes song, or at least my favorite. This got me very curious on how other prog fans view this album; beginning to wonder whether or not I was in the minority here.
  2. Here's an idea. Let's take a look at musicians who had famous stints in multiple ensembles, and decide when they were at their peak! Today we have Bill Bruford, drummer extraordinaire. Originally in Yes from their debut through Close To The Edge, he jumped ship to work with Robert Fripp in King Crimson from 1972-1974. After that he floated around, put together a little band called UK, left that, rejoined King Crimson for their 80s run, later rejoined Yes and AWBH for a few years, rejoined KC for their 90s run, and eventually retired. Somewhere in there he also did some live drumming for the first edition of Genesis with Phil Collins on vocals (and this was at Phil's special request). So we've got some poll questions up above, and feel free to discuss anything about Bruford or Yes or KC or Genesis or UK that you want down below, and give suggestions for other great musicians with great stints in multiple bands!
  3. .Yes Announce New Album ‘The Quest’.11 hours ago The cover art looks great, Roger Dean doesn't disappoint. However without Squire in this version of the band, and with Anderson and Wakeman still out there but not with the band anymore, not to mention with Bruford being retired and White barely playing live (and apparently being supplemented in the studio as well)... is this really Yes? Is it Yes just because it's got Steve Howe? Is it Yes because it's got Steve Howe, a bit of Alan White, and the guy Chris Squire gave permission to replace him? Is it Yes because it says Yes on the sleeve? And of course what do you think it'll sound like?
  4. Hm, a forum full of Rush fans choosing between heartland rock and British prog...I wonder where this will go.
  5. An odd matchup, but given the general reputation of post 90125 Yes vs. the general reputation of early Pat Benatar I think this might be pretty close! Well the first poll anyway. These are Rush fans we're talking about.
  6. Another randomly generated poll! Yes - Close To The Edge vs. Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak Last time I expected a blowout win for Boston over Genesis and have been very surprised by a tie. This time I'm expecting a pretty strong win for Yes, but I know there are a lot of Lizzy fans on here as well.
  7. This is it. Some decent competition from Moving Pictures, but it was clearly a race between these two behemoths in the last poll. You can choose only one, which one shall it be?
  8. https://youtu.be/04xaMR9pzDk Don't say I didn't warn you, lol.
  9. This album has brought me back to being a Yes fan. The combined 1,2 gut punch of replacing Jon Anderson with 2 sound-alike vocalists was a hard pill to swallow: Benoit David, and then, after David left, the hilariously named John Davidson. These moves, though practical from a touring and business standpoint, just ended up alienated me and many other fans. Jon Anderson has the purest sounding voice in rock, and when guys from Yes cover bands try to imitate it (as I believe both David and Davidson were), it sounds like a satirical take on what was a LEGENDARY sound. Listening to the current vocalist in Journey evokes the same smoothed out vibe. Now, the original release of "Fly from Here" was released in 2011, and featured Benoit David on lead vocals. Oddly enough, I immediately thought that the vocals reminded me of ANOTHER former Yes vocalist, Trevor Horn, who sang lead vocals (and produced) on the mind-blowing Yes release Drama. At times the vocals sounded so much my like Mr. Horn, that i was convinced it WAS Trevor Horn and not Benoit David at all. Turns out I was sort of right. Horn, with Geoff Downes (who replaced Oliver Wakeman during these sessions) composed most of the music and vocal melodies for the original album. It was Horn who sang the guide vocal for Benoit David. In the original release, you can hear Trevor all over the album's harmonies, along with David's lead vocals. So - Benoit David eventually leaves for health reasons ( and probably because imitating Jon Anderson's perfect tenor is much, much harder than it sounds), and then Chris Squire passes away. Trevor Horn decides to revisit "Fly From Here", remixing it, and replacing all the lead vocals with his own. The result is shocking. Not only does the album sound MUCH better, with much more dynamic nuance permeating the record (especially with Squire's bass transitions and vocal harmonies), but the context of a proper Drama era reunion adds so much heft and importance to this release. And Horn's voice, slightly aged for the better, with his weird phrasing and enunciation, just makes every song pop, adding that familiar "Drama" atmosphere. I listened to the Benoit David version once and wrote it off as bland, slow and de-energized. The embarrassing video for the single, Fly From Here (starring, interestingly enough, Trevor Horn) was unwatchable. But with Trevor's redeux, titled Fly From Here: Return Trip? Unmistakably 'Yes'. I can't stop listening to it. Anyone else check out this remix? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bk-5dOXBk0Y&list=PL3y2Mgc5NPHGK3x3R1_yDMOXKuIV5V8e1&index=2&t=0s
  10. I may need to think about this one myself...
  11. I've always had a tentative relationship with Yes, mainly due to Anderson's voice and lyrics. But the music cannot be denied! What are your top ten tracks? Discussion welcome! Below are mine, as of today, in approximate order. Close to the Edge (the first Yes I ever heard) South Side of the Sky Starship Trooper Tempus Fugit Changes Awaken Going For the One Machine Messiah Gates of Delirium The Revealing Science of God
  12. Was just listening to The Yes Album, and getting to the last track I was immediately reminded how much better it comes off for me than the similarly functioning epic closer of Fragile, Heart Of The Sunrise. I do like the latter, but it doesn't reach the same epic heights for me as Perpetual Change or many of their other long songs. Which do you guys prefer?
  13. Who was the most progressive of these classic prog rock bands. Inspired by listening to ELP's giant triple live album (you know the one) in rememberance of the astonishing Keith Emerson, and thinking they really might have had the clearest handle on prog rock's traditional ideals, a seamless and authentic blending of jazz, rock, classical, and other genres, with thought provoking and/or fantasy and science fiction lyrics. Now my sig says my answer, and I do stick by it, but Rush were only the most progressive IMO because they progressed beyond the traditional constraints of prog, if that makes sense. At their most traditionally proggy, I think they were only equal in progginess to these other bands. What do you think? And if I missed anyone major, please tell me!
  14. If we forget the "corporate" prog rock Rush, Floyd and Genesis and just concentrate on the "traditional prog" there are lots of great bands and unbelievable songs. Mike Oldfield has some prog masterpieces, like Ommadawn, King Crimson¨s Red is almost perfect album... and Starless is one of the best prog songs ever. Yes' Close to the Edge and live version of Starship Trooper (Keys to Ascension) are close to the title. And what about Alan Parsons' Tales of Mystery and Imagination... great stuff. But in the end of the day there must be only one song that raises above everything... Camel's Lady Fantasy. This song is closest to PERFECT progressive rock song ever made. It's just SO amazing. It's powerful, has heavenly guitar, incredible melody, almost "ghostly" atmosphere and very "touching" finish. Of course this is my subjective opinion only. But I've went through almost all meaningful prog bands and I have never heard anything better. This song is soo good, it brings a tear to my eye. Discuss. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhWDbdS-vjg
  15. Quick story and then to the point. I had an incident losing my wallet the other day that baffles me somewhat. I have been in Florida all week helping my parents empty their house there as they have finally sold it. We were at the tire store the other day and I left my wallet there. I didn't even realize I had misplaced it until they had already closed for the evening. I went there the next morning and they had it thank God. I had a twenty and a one dollar bill in there when I lost it. When the guy handed it to me of course I checked to see if everything was still there. Thankfully everything was there but the twenty was gone. I felt relieved but just don't get the rational. Somebody took the twenty and left the dollar bill. Anyone had a similar experience or venture a guess as to why someone would do that?..
  16. (Pardon me if this has been posted before; I looked but couldn't find anything.) Driving around California yesterday I saw a billboard saying that Yes was playing some casino. I came home and looked it up, and yes, Yes is actually on tour! It looks like they're only playing one casino so maybe they're not quite at the "Puppet Show and Spinal Tap" level yet, so that's good. Here are some upcoming shows if you're interested: http://www.ticketmaster.com/YES-tickets/artist/736506
  17. This also identifies who Rush voted for for the Hall in 2014. http://www.rushisaband.com/blog/2013/12/14/3882/Chris-Squire-wants-Rush-to-induct-Yes-into-the-Rock-Hall
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