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Found 10 results

  1. I recently acquired a "parts/repair" TC-1210. It was listed as "won't power on." I don't see any obvious damage inside, and I know TC Electronic doesn't support this product anymore. Does anyone have a schematic or know anyone who could repair this?
  2. NOTE: The following groupings of albums is NOT intended to classify, categorize or otherwise codify the albums in any logical fashion other than to divide them up into as equal a number of albums as possible for the five groupings-- ***Feel free to choose your solos from live albums as well for the relevant grouping of albums...*** FOLLOWING ARE MY FIVE FAVORITE LERXST SOLOS FROM THE LISTED FIVE ALBUM GROUPINGS... I am interested to know what yours are~ RUSH >>>>>2112 - - - The "By-Tor and the Snowdog" solo from ATWAS AFTK >>>>>MP - - - The "LVS 'A Lerxst in Wonderland'" solo from HEMISPHERES (I think this is the correct part-Please correct me if I am wrong) SIGNALS >>>>>HYF - - - The "The Analog Kid" solo from SIGNALS PRESTO >>>>>T4E - - - The "Cut to the Chase" solo from CP VT >>>>>CA - - - The "Headlong Flight" solo from CA ~~~
  3. Alex sat in with the band Big Sugar when they played in Toronto on Friday night, Nov. the 24th. It's always great to see him play! The first video is them doing a cover of "Good Times, Bad Times" from Led Zeppelin I. The second video is Alex playing along with a Big Sugar song, RIAB says it is Ride Like Hell. ?? (I'm not very familiar with their work, but I like this song with Alex on it!). Alex plays on the the second video for about 9 minutes, then it is Big Sugar only. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Gs8IYQ4Kjg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5peAe_orCQ
  4. Simple. Pick your favorite Alex Lifeson Lyrics songs from each album and all together. (I'll be back later to make my post) Enjoy!
  5. Simple. Pick your favorite Alex Lifeson guitarsongs from each album and all together. (I'll be back later to make my post) Enjoy!
  6. Simple. Pick your favorite Alex Lifeson Vocal songs from each album and all together. ;)
  7. Not sure if this thread has been done before, but I figured I'd start it anyways. Pretty straightforward: what's the best guitar sound/song on each album. In your opinion of course (unless it disagrees with mine ;) ) (As usual posting only the albums I've listened to ) Rush: ...Working Man for the riff, but if you ignore Alex's less experienced earlier style the whole album is great for guitar! 2112: 2112, namely the solos in Presentation, Soliloquy, and Grand Finale, but I love the start of Something For Nothing AFTK: Xanadu (for the intro) Hemispheres: La Villa Strangiato (was there ever any question?) PeW: The Spirit Of Radio MP: Red Barchetta Signals: The Analog Kid P/G: Between The Wheels PoW: Territories/Middletown Dreams HYF: Turn The Page/Open Secrets/Lock And Key ... CA: Clockwork Angels (that guitar entrance is still the most amazing sound on the album to me)
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYlJCf2vZIs :ebert:
  9. http://img1.imagehousing.com/27/56b550e2889adb8d059ad602a0ed8486.jpg Buy Low sell HIGH!!! :smoke:
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