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  1. Okay, so we can post pictures of bouncing boobs, we can post images of seminaked models and we can talk about schlong enlargement, but any discussion of bodily secretions is out? Better hope 73 does not check out the Geddy and Alex threads- plenty of talk about damp underwear there. I have to admit I'm puzzled as to why this particular conversation was picked for censorship when there are plenty of others I would consider much worse for a youngster to see.
  2. :laughing yellow guy: It's always so that I'm involved with these kind of conversations...
  3. :D I guess if you never like to hear anything live after 1976 until today then that might be true. I'd say ATWAS is the best live album prior to the 90's. Different Stages and R30 are up there since then. As they relate to each other..... Define "up there" please. Gonna attempt to let this go..... :) My favorites? Best since then? Good. Thanks :) Sorry to disappoint. No hidden meanings. No disappointment. If I read you correctly you are saying they are best since ATWAS. As long as ATWAS is best, I am good.... :) This is far far far better than ATWAS, Narp. Disclaimer- this may or may not be true; however the reader must remember that all attempts to make Narp listen to something released since 1987 can only be good for the forum.
  4. OK, being a dude I need clarification. What gets on your panties? I'm not sure it has a name. But it's worse around Geddy Lee.
  5. Can you wear your hair in a bun, a skirt just below the knee and some thick glasses too?.... :) No. :mwah:
  6. I'm on the Severn- big time floods.
  7. I like: Sci Fi books (especially Asimov, Wyndham, Douglas Adams) Star Trek (all of it! Especially Data, due to the Asimov link) D&D (especially Balsur's Gate) Video Games (PC mainly, so that I can mod!) Computers in general (I build them and fix them) Science, especially quantum physics and space exploration. The Big Bang theory and other geeky/ nerdy/ sci fi TV BOINC grid computing- I always have a computer searching for prime numbers, extraterrestrials, subatomic particles and pulsars. Engineering- I like to figure out how things work and make them work better! I'm an engineer by trade. I own a slide rule, and a pattern makers rule. I have an arc welding set in my garage and enjoy maths puzzles. Do I qualify as a geek or a nerd, or both? :sarcastic:
  8. Yeah, I noticed that too. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-26153889 'Tis a tad wet, too. http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y288/Bluefunk/_72934816_flood_warning_map_624_12_02.gif
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