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  1. QUOTE (Sticklight @ Jul 30 2012, 11:12 AM) Geddy didn't use a precision on Headlong Flight, It's his Jazz bass. According to his interview on Bass Player Magazine, the basses he used on the record are J-Basses. http://www.cygnus-x1.net/links/rush/bass-player-08.2012.php I think he will use his main '72 with the new neck and pickguard. there are conflicting reports then, as the engineer (name escapes me) tweeted that he used a p-bass on headlong flight.
  2. I'm thinking he'll use the 72, but ya never know. He did use a precision bass for headlong flight. Thoughts?
  3. the tumbler is badass...and yes it comes in black mr wayne.
  4. with Strings that is...you know, violins and the like. i didn't want to "spoil" it for anyone that rush will be touring with a string section in the fall by mentioning strings. i was listening to nobody's hero, and heard the strings at the end of the song and it got me thinking- what other songs like Manhattan Project that have string parts? i don't have time to comb the catalogue...you geeks may. list all that you know in this thread. and to all smart asses- we all know that guitars and basses have strings, so spare me please.
  5. No one should get too excited about posting it. Last tour it was posted on the bands website right before the first show started in AZ. Seems tbey'd rather folks enjoy the sbow than dick around on twitter during the concert...go figure.
  6. QUOTE (snowdogged @ Jul 19 2012, 06:09 PM) QUOTE (NYM86 @ Jul 19 2012, 04:32 PM) I'm not a fan of the song 2112, and Geddy can't really sing it anymore anyway. That's blasphemy in this forum! 2112 is not a "song" anyways....plus there is no singing in the title track anyways, outside of "oohhh"
  7. QUOTE (New Digital Man @ Jul 22 2012, 05:04 PM) The best decade of Rush is the one you like best and mine is different to yours and changes regularly! Next question? Well that kinda spoils the friendly debate aspect of this topic. To me, a lot of rush is timeless music. Some of the 80s stuff however sounds like the 80s...but hemispheres or farewell to kings have no time definition, which to me makes them epic.
  8. Does anyone know wtf bane says when the guy who was trying to own the wayne empire asks bane: what are you? Bane says I'm gotham's --------...... What the hell does he say. It's in the trailer, saw that a millin times. No idea what he says. And...that movie was great. I will see it again.
  9. It's a great track. Powerful, moody and catchy. It has suspense and is well constructed. Haters: suck upon it.
  10. QUOTE (GeddyRulz @ Jun 22 2012, 05:10 AM) When we all read the novel, it'll be entirely clear and then some. Read the novel??? Books are for tourists....
  11. QUOTE (beherit @ Jun 18 2012, 02:53 PM) I like every Rush album Like 'em all...LOVE 7/8.
  12. eric johnson was great, mr big...meh. gary moore was cool... primus was the coolest for sure. steve morse band anyone? candlebox sucked. the best band to open for rush is...
  13. QUOTE (Slack jaw gaze @ Jun 18 2012, 11:53 AM) Right click on the album and select "Find Album Info". You should be able to type in "Clockwork Angels", find the correct info and apply it. Worked for me. Same here...
  14. Sounds like we may get 2112 like from T4E....I could handle that.
  15. QUOTE (beherit @ Jun 14 2012, 05:47 PM) BODY ELECTRIC oh god, PLEASE!!!!! awesome track. they've pulled some serious gems in the last 2-3 tours...entre nous, circumstances, etc. it's time for less snakes and arrows and more 80's rush.
  16. QUOTE (wmsb72673 @ Jun 13 2012, 12:47 PM) We need to start yelling "Slappa DA Bassa" at Geddy during some point. I was thinking during the Freewill solo. Who's in???? um, that's gay. not that there's anything wrong with that...
  17. QUOTE (D3strukt @ Jun 17 2012, 04:52 AM) Thankfully they release DVD's though. So that way you guys still get to experience it. Not even close ....watching the DVD, even with the best sound system will pale in comparison to being in the arena. Its better than no rush, but live rush is the best rush. Was that ok 1001?
  18. First vote for countdown here....where is the love people? Top 5 would be.... Countdown La villa Nat science Vital signs Cygnus x I
  19. QUOTE (Tommy Sawyer @ Jun 10 2012, 10:52 PM) [/quote] I love when people use the word 'classic' as if by some product of magic over 30 years, the albums from 2112 to MP have somehow become unmatchable ever, by anything because they are so perfect. Come on, people, they're just albums. yeah- and star wars is just a movie and the koran is just a book. WTF?
  20. QUOTE (beherit @ May 30 2012, 11:54 AM) Are you guys stupid? no, it's just that your post sounded sincere. glad you were kidding.
  21. QUOTE (beherit @ May 25 2012, 11:11 PM) In fact, I wish Rush would stop touring! that would suck. why in the hell would you want that? jesus H christ... now i've heard it all.
  22. QUOTE (ReflectedLight @ May 29 2012, 08:50 PM) QUOTE (losingit2k @ May 29 2012, 07:12 PM) I'm sticking with Far Cry followed by Caravan. that would be a horrible beginning and i certainly wouldn't be hurrying to get to my seat at the start of the show. so you'll pay $200 to stand in the beer line for the first 15 mn of the show? have fun being obtuse. that'll show rush!
  23. lights go out, some dude has microphone and says" "oh won't you please welcome home- "
  24. i want it to be recorded in the necromancer mode, THAT would be awesome! "only their thirst for freedom gives them hunger for vengance"
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