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    Upon first listening to 2112 (the song) in its entirety.
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  1. I've seen them twice; once last year when they opened for Mastodon (and was hooked ever since) and then again just last month on their own. Good music, good tunes, AMAZING stage performance. It's like a current Blue Oyster Cult/King Diamond combination... to me, anyways lol :P
  2. If not, I HIGHLY recommend them. They are, to me, 3 very talented musicians (just like Rush), and their music gives off this extremely uplifting vibe with cheery tunes, and very thought-provoking lyrics. These 3 young men have only released 3 albums so far, but each one is a masterpiece. If you're a fan of 80's Rush, you will most likely enjoy this new, incredible band! :) So has anybody heard of them?
  3. I personally LOVE the setlist. I would be tire dof going to see every rush tour just to see Limelight and Tom Sawyer getting played to death. Don't get me wrong, great songs. But when i saw this tour's setlist, I got more and more excited as I went down the list. I may have even drooled a little bit. That whole first set? UNBELIEVABLE! However, I may be one of the few here but i do NOT like the new album that much, nor do I particular enjoy the fact that 90% of the second set are songs from that album. Oh well though.
  4. QUOTE (briremo @ May 24 2011, 08:19 AM) These are the ones I use for concerts They do a great job of elimating all the upper frequency distortion I experience. Everything comes through real nice. Still loud enough to enjoy! But which ones? Are all of the Hearos ear plugs the same? There's different types like foam, high fidelity etc. Foam are disposable, but the high fidelity is reusable and washable and has a cord attached to them.
  5. I am about to buy a a pack of Hearos ear plugs off of Amazon so I have them for my next concerts. I have used the standard foam ear plugs in the past recently, and i have found that it's hard to hear all the instruments at the same level. I have heard that hearos are the best you can buy.. but i have a question about which one is the better buy for that purpose. Would the foam Hearos be sufficient? Or is there another type (like the reusable high-fidelity) that have decidely winning results? I want whatever ear plugs will make the concert the most enjoyable in terms of sound. Any help is appreciated..thanks!
  6. Thanks for all the input, guys! I had my appointment this morning. I had ear wax removed, a hearing test, and a middle ear presure test that i will get the results back from later. My hearing is perfect apparently. My symptoms are simply caused by being overly stressed/anxious. I was told to do deep breaths and even yawns. When I do this now, the nausea subsides almost entirely. I just need to friggin RELAX!!! SO EXCITED! 7 hours until show time Which sections are you guys sitting in? I'm in sec 210
  7. QUOTE (Unattractive Truth @ Apr 18 2011, 05:37 PM) Vertigo sucks! I had a serious bout a few months ago. Did your doctor give you exersizes to do (head motion stuff)? It really works. Hope you can rally and enjoy the show!!! I've actually seen the doctor last week and he has referred me to an ear, nose and throat doctor. That appointment is for tomorrow morning, coincidentally. I think mine is due to stress. To be honest, the nausea factor is more annoying than the vertigo itself in my case.. but I have seen firsthand just how bad it can be. My mom gets bouts of it all the tiem and she can't even stand up or barely open her eyes. Thanks for your comment
  8. I've felt this way consistently for about a week now, and i'm a bit disappointed. It's hard to be excited and fully enjoy the show when you've got this on your plate. It's not so bad that I can't get up and go, but I do feel highly disoriented around a place taht has lots of objects/people. Hopefully it eases up alittle bit for tomorrow night! Who else will be going to the hamilton show?
  9. I'm from Hamilton so all I have to do is step outside, take the bus down the mountainside, and i'm there
  10. The Hamilton show is sold out. I was checking it just a few days ago.
  11. This is actually a pretty solid setlist that I'd certainly be happy with! I'd rather hear "Where's My Thing" than "Leave That Thing Alone" also. I'm already excited for next year's tour and setlist, and we haven't even gotten to the second leg of this tour yet!
  12. QUOTE (sgbam42 @ Feb 20 2011, 09:58 PM) The way i see it is with advances in medical technology and assuming we wont all kill each other i will be 115 years old when the year 2112 comes around so i might live to see it. Wouldn't you be around 127 if you were born in 1985?
  13. QUOTE (TullSkull @ Oct 27 2010, 07:14 AM) The Best the Old Man can remember is: Jethro Tull .......... 22 times first show 1970 last 2007 RUSH ............. 5 times first in 1996 Led Zep ............. 7 times first show 1970 The WHO ........ 3 times first show 1972 The Rolling Stones ......... 3 times first show1972 Pink Floyd ....... 2 times ......... Darkside @ the Hollywood Bowl Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen Elton John Sly and the Family Stone Carol King ........ in the 70's James Taylor ........ in the 70's ELP Ian Anderson Band .... 3 times Reba McEntire ......... 3 times McTina McBride Loggins and Messina ...... 1973 America ........ 1977 Walter Trout BB King Buddy Guy Black Sabbath in the 70's and I walked out Marshall Tucker Band Charlie Daniels Band Eric Clapton Grateful Dead Moody Blues Willy Porter It's a Beautiful Day Hot Rize Ace Pancakes Leon Russell Damn my brain hurts now... This is just my opinion, but I just can't bite my tongue on this one.. haha You can sit through a Jethro Tull show 22 times, but walk out on one Black Sabbath show? If it were me, the exact opposite of that would have occurred
  14. Rush (x2) Bon Jovi Daughtry The Who Disturbed Skindred The Art of Dying Lamb of God Metallica Volbeat Slayer Testament Megadeth Danko Jones (x2) Guns n Roses Skid Row Motion City Soundtrack Jack's Mannequin illScarlett Weezer Ozzy Osbourne Halford Buckcherry Kiss Trans-Siberian Orchestra (x2)
  15. Just saw Danko Jones on Saturday Feb 5th at The Mod Club in Toronto. This was such an amazing show! We were right at the edge of the stage, beside the speakers. After witnessing two "rocking" opening bands, I knew we wee in for a treat. Danko and the band appeared on stage in the darkness and the room (which was eerily devoid of fan cheers all night) suddenly exploded as the rest of the ticketholders filed in through the door. The band kept looking straight at us occasionally all night as the played some kick-ass tunes. These guys never take it easy or slow their energy down - they just wallop you over the head with pure rock n roll. It's like a band utilizing the image of Thin Lizzy, mixed with the rock n roll of Jimi Hendrix, mixed with the speed of Motorhead. Absolutely terrific. Danko is also very funny. My sides were hurting from laughing at some of the things he was saying - commenting on how our concert had to be shortened due to the impending "club night" which forces all of us out and causes an early show. It was just simply hilarious. Terrific band for how cheap the ticket prices were... 16 bucks apiece! You rock, guys!
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