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    Buying ESL to myself on Xmas present, 1981
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  1. RUSH OF COURSE ! But why DO you have SEATS in floor level..? Read from somewhere hat some "fans" want to hear and remember the hits they've grown with but like Dirk say Big Al don't know what that word really is.. no-one even close.
  2. Of course I read it. Geddy is in the outer space of all. Also an Canadian. Different.
  3. Geddy Lee and Tom Araya those are my players. Both so unique and they can talk btw I've seen Iron Maiden twice (era 1984-1987), I reckon them always as music for kids as an overall (used to be a fan 25-30 years ago). So I'm talking about real music for adults, add Chris Squire to list too. Cliff Burton (rip) was unique. Btw so great to see Ian Hill for my fourth time two weeks ago. What an Metal bass player.
  4. Cozy Powell Randy Rhoads Pekka Pohjola Jimi Hendrix Jim Morrison Syd Barrett Richard Wright Ronnie James Dio Frank Sinatra ..list goes on. Long LIVE THE MUSIC !
  5. As alway with those who have grown with tape decks (3 heads), vinyl double vinyl albums "Analog Kid" is a unique story and music of those golden years some of us have witnessed ;:). Signals was so pop and chic those times and those sounds, huh !! Most important for me was the sound of Lerxts guitar and its tone, that was my Rush, modern and unique. So far "ahead" and everything OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH : ) listening the "Witch Hunt" from 1984 tour now. .. ORGASSM !
  6. Geddy. I'd say as musician he's a genius top performer. I'm talking about music, not genres. So unique Geddy is a also as a Decent Citizen This is My Rush and a decent beer with whiskey..and nature water.
  7. Orgasm, but where's to Rush and why to hurry ? I'm not sure at all about the DW snare and why not to broaden the specrum of music and back to 70's is the only way, I'm not sure about that. I need more space and time between Geddy and Alex, solo's space and time. Some mystic and freewill. Go RUSH. I love U
  8. 2012 .. 2112 Who will maintain this Forum after 100 years..
  9. ordered yep 2 days ago, didn't read this thread about it. Don't need "additional" information to my lust of Rush 9 weeks then.. Sun is shining, touching down these beats of love, people gather, as move into the night, couples are holding hands, everybody's got a new romance, the feeling never fades away, because when´╗┐ the morning comes it's another midsummer day...
  10. Scandinavia. It's light, summers and the sounds of nature belonging to my top of all-lifetime charts..
  11. What a picture of our "boys" after the work done . Wonderous stories, by wonderful persons. Rush. What an Epic Band !
  12. Well said, as always Neil..
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