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  1. Just got my shirt today....absolutely fantastic shirt great quality print many thanks!!! You really should post pics of the backprint too - it was a great suprise to me and was just the icing on the cake!!! Awesomeness!!!!!
  2. Cheers nebbish! Just paid for 1 x xl
  3. QUOTE (capoetc @ Jun 18 2011, 05:31 PM) I'll buy an XL, maybe two :-). Are you just going to post the e-Bay link here? Cant we just paypal you direct and save you the ebay fees please dude?
  4. Hi Nebbish - already PMd you - one in size XL please!
  5. Newcastle had no blacked out seating areas this time unlike last, which was great to see! I noticed a lot more of a younger crowd in there too which is inspiring. Place was chokka!!!! Yay! Btw - forget the nostalgia lark - rush are here to stay and still producing great music. If you want nostalgia then I'd suggest staying at home with your vinyl and Decca record player
  6. QUOTE (earth2112shine @ May 22 2011, 10:23 AM) Yeah Rushcon Newcastle !!!! Lets do it!
  7. Block A....did you notice me in block B weeping that I was so faraway?!! Lol Despite that twas a rocking show! Ps I wonder why rush fans in the toon never get together more often?? There were people either side of me singing their hearts out with me to all the songs and we all knew all the lyrics! Should do a rush kareoke sometime!!!
  8. Is that Deep Thought? I bet Neil could have a great chatter with him!!
  9. QUOTE (Invisible To Telescopic Eye @ May 20 2011, 11:17 AM) HELL NO...I just love to kick the ever livin' crap out of every sci-fi nerd I see while using my +5 vorpal two handed sword, my flaming mace, in +3 chain mail of protection, whilst Ioun Stones orbit my helm of ultimate influence adorned head creating a sphere of indestructability and power.
  10. Great pics thanks for sharing peeps
  11. Please feel free to tell me if its not forum etiquette, but what designs are the bootleg shirts on sale that people mention are the same designs inside the halls at twice the price? Any pics? Must admit, on the Snakes and Ladders tour I bought a boot shirt after the show outside and its as good as the day I bought it still. No fading, same shape and a great design actually.
  12. Aye, there's ups n downs with both sides of it I guess. In which case I wish I had a super massive sign area!!! Nevermind, will be notching up one more this weekend! That's my fill this time...and my risk/loss. I know what you mean about affordabilty...my job ends in June with nothing on the horizon right now. But then again I think I'd do owt to see rush when they tour the uk
  13. @USB Connector - Make It So!!!! I'm partial to a bit of DS9 and Voyager myself
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