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  1. Wow what a show last night as well. Well what a show is past tense they are still playing. over 12 hours now they've just started The Mahattan Project. Only another three days to go.
  2. QUOTE (greg2112 @ May 19 2011, 09:29 AM) This is my usual recommendation for those new to the band: Start with 2112 and Moving Pictures and go from there. couldnt agree more 2112 and MP then Perm waves and hemisheres
  3. QUOTE (Cosy Toes @ May 18 2011, 06:30 AM) QUOTE (Trouty @ May 18 2011, 11:20 AM) QUOTE (weathers @ May 17 2011, 12:48 AM) They played 3 hours plus and were faultless. Damn I must have left early I notice a lot of newspaper articles claim 'Rush bring their 3 1/2 hour show to blahblahblah' ..however it is not. Sheffield came on stage (video did) 19:36 went off stage 22:40 take into consideration the 3 videos, break etc they did not really play for 3 whole hours - closer really to 2h20. Still great though but it is something that narks me the time thing. Yes, the Three and a half hour show thing gets on my tits. This tour has the least music of the last three. DITCH THE BLOODY UNFUNNY VIDEOS AND PLAY MORE OLD SONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They came on at 19:36 and went off at 22:40 jesus! next time spend less time on your stopwatch and more time watching the gig. thats over 3 hours by the way and thats what I said not 3 and 1/2 relax dude I'll time it again tonight and let you know Mr Anal
  4. Well I'm tired but not as tired as the boys who played a stunning set. To all the moaners previous re ticket prices etc. They played 3 hours plus and were faultless. I've been a few times and yet again they blew me away. Leave that thing alone, Witch hunt, Marathon. Thanks Geddy et al you made my birthday, nobody can touch you, never have never will. Awesome. Roll on Manchester Thursday
  5. Cheers Dudes. The Camera Eye is the one I cant wait to hear. I've been addicted to that track since it mentions england and london when I was a kid. Love the synth and drum role too. Cant fooking wait. bring it on. two weeks to go.
  6. QUOTE (Snyder80 @ Apr 20 2011, 06:44 AM) This forum is a joke. I've been here for maybe a year and 90% of what it is just people bitching about the band. They whore monger by double dipping on tours, they don't change the setlist, why won't they write AFTK Part II? If you people don't like what they do, how they do it, f**k off! The negativity surrounding a band that is widely considered one of the best in history is an insult to music itself. You guys think you can do so much f***ing better? Pick up a guitar or a microphone or a drum kit and go do it. Otherwise, shut the f**k up. its called Freewill Snyder people can say what they like. If you don't like it dont reply and get all sweaty balls about it. I don't bitch about em cos I love em but peeps can say what they like. P.S. Rush are doing a cover of Elton Johns Candle in the Wind to mark Osama Bin Ladens death They've remaned it Sandals in the bin.
  7. Anybody got the set lists for the UK. I know they are doing MP after the break but just wondered if anybody knew what was in Set 1
  8. QUOTE (simon01 @ Nov 23 2010, 09:22 AM) Probably not the bands fault re tickets but the managemnt and agencies. Ray Daniels is by his own admission the fourth member of Rush. He said so in Beyond the Lighted Stage. He is SRO management. and he's agreed the cost of the tickets, the fee's on top and the block booking scenario which has stopped loads of fans going. I used to work for Anthem UK So looking at his stable of talent, yes he is probably getting ready for his retirement. Bitter taste thats all. Can't wait to see them though.
  9. QUOTE (the masked drummer @ Nov 23 2010, 07:59 AM) Unfortunately their touring days are numbered, and once their touring days are over there's only limited money they can earn after that on media. Make no mistake about it. They are bucking for retirement money while their earning potential still exists. I can't blame the boys, really... I don't really think they need to screw fans for every last penny do you? They've sold over 40 million albums and have had lifelong fans buying everything they do.... Yes. even those bobble head dolls!!!! I think its underhand and greedy and a big two fingers to the people who put them there.
  10. well done Foxxi. Sell your spares on viagogo you'll be able to retire happy.
  11. QUOTE (The Main Monkey Business @ Nov 23 2010, 05:54 AM) pre sale was frantic! very happy with the tickets I managed to secure though. The point I agree with is why the hell do ticketline allow someone to buy a block of 20!! its madness and unfortunately alot of geuine fans will miss out or have to pay huge amounts of money for a decent ticket. Because ticket master make an agreement with Ray Daniels and SRO agree the terms and conditions for sale. I.E. Ray Daniels / Rush agree to sell blocks of 20. They also agree the booking fee and take a percentage of that. They also agree the ticket price (nearly double last times tour)
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