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  1. I never actually wanted to have children and I have no problem saying that. However, even though I was careful at the time (both birth control AND condoms), my son came to be. While regret is probably not the best word to describe the feelings I have about having him, I have since decided that I am not doing it again. I had my tubes tied about 2-3 years ago. Trust me, it's not just childless younger women (I was in my early 30's) who have a problem finding a doctor who will complete that procedure for them. It took me nearly 12 years to find one. I do feel like I missed out on what I really wanted to do with my life because I compromised and had a child early on. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel: I'll only be 39 when he graduates from high school. So, I will still be relatively young and have a lot of life ahead of me. I'm also single by choice because I really don't want to run the risk of having one of the same problems with another man that I had with my ex-husband. He was quite happy living in this area and I, quite frankly, hate it no end. I tried on several occasions to get him interested in moving and he was having nothing to do with that. The only reason I am staying now is so my son can finish high school with his best friends. Once that is done, I will be taking aggressive steps to leave his hell-hole. I know that there are some people who feel like their lives are fulfilled by having children. While my son is amazing and I love him no end, I don't feel that my purpose in life has been fulfilled simply by being responsible for the presence of another human being. Quite frankly, any idiot with sexual organs can get with another and make a child. It isn't rocket science. The scores of unwanted, abused and neglected children in the world are a testament to that fact. So, for me at least, I never understood how a simple act of natural science could make a person feel fulfilled in life. Maybe it's the raising them, but that always seemed too vicarious for my liking. It's a mystery to me for sure and I am certainly not saying that people who feel that way are inferior. I just never had that compulsion, and I have yet to come across another human being (my son included) that I would task with making me happy. That's MY responsibility. People comment to me all the time what a "good kid" my son is. He's achieved some pretty cool things and he is respectful and compassionate. Yes, I am proud of him, but his achievements don't fulfill me and my needs in life. Once a child gets past a certain point in life, their achievements are their own. And, Alex is way past that point. So, I guess what I am saying is that I have very mixed feelings about being a parent. On one hand I never wanted that for myself, and the aspirations that I had in life were pretty much destroyed when I had my son (without getting into a lot of detail, the career path I was trying to start was not the best environment to raise a child due to extensive travel leading to a "gypsy" type lifestyle). But, I do adore him and I am privileged to know him. He makes me proud, but not fulfilled. I'm not sure if I would do things differently if given the opportunity for a re-do. Probably not, but there has been an empty spot that I have tried to fill to no avail. I've just had this nagging feeling for the past 14-15 years that I really missed out on the life I wanted for myself because of that one choice I made to keep my son.
  2. I thought you had a tramp stamp of a duck in a tree? You have me confused with Ya Big Tree. :P
  3. Now, I am a fairly introverted person. I do, however, have many tattoos. They are very extensive and colorful, but are easily covered when necessary. I was married to a tattoo artist for many years so that helped me get over the shyness of showing my body in order to get a tattoo. He wasn't a stranger, he was my husband. I haven't gotten a tattoo since we divorced over three years ago even though I have several ideas I still would like to explore in that area. Now, back to the "tramp stamp." I never liked them. I always saw them as a trend for the masses and that's not my scene. Always seemed sleazy to me.
  4. Found this today. You're welcome. Happy birthday Geddy!!
  5. :o :outtahere: :P My opinion: If you are a dude and you are lurking on a thread called "Geddy is Hot," you deserve whatever mental image you walk away with.
  6. I forget what concert this is from, but I love that top he is wearing. Sometimes I see pictures of Geddy wearing things in the 1970's and all I can think of is how badly I wished I owned it so that I could wear it. This top is an example. Another great example is the sheer green sequined top he's wearing in one of their first promo pictures with John Rutsey. I googled but I can't find the picture at the moment, I am pretty sure most of you know what I'm talking about. I'd also like to own a prophetic robe. Okay, so now you all want to wear his clothes. I'll make a note of that. Tell ya what: When I get him outta his clothes, I'll steal them and you guys can have at it! ;) :P
  7. He still does the jaunty hip thing to this day. It's very sexy.
  8. Ummm, Is that his Bass he is holding? :P Well, if it's not his bass and he finds that he needs some assistance then I am MORE than happy to step in and help. I'm a team player, after all! :D :fury: :D :fury:
  9. http://assets.fender.com/shared/artists/fender/6/08ad32adb129cc12c20f4b809e5a9258-gallery-scaled.jpg ...You're welcome. :D
  10. I know because she's a friend of mine. It's on the other shoulder. :P How do we know you're real? Ummm....good point. Now I'm questioning my existence!
  11. I know because she's a friend of mine. It's on the other shoulder. :P
  12. I know her and honestly it never dawned on me that it was reversed. She has a portrait of Geddy on the other shoulder. :D
  13. I guess I've never really counted my shirts but I am sure it's in the 20's or 30's. I've given many away (usually to younger, newer fans) over the years because I just don't wear very many of them. I do have a couple of rare ones, like an "I Love You, Man" promo shirt with the star man logo on the front and a "Slave To The Hormone" long sleeve hooded t-shirt that was only available through mail order from the Backstage Club when Counterparts was released. My collecting focus tends to shift from t-shirts to posters to vinyl, etc. I usually have one thing at a time that I obsess over collecting.
  14. I dropped out of high school and got my HSE before we decided on a school song. My song is and probably always will be "Emotion Detector." While I love Kansas, my choice is very clear in this case.
  15. It would look lovely next to his jeans on my bedroom floor. :fury:
  16. Oo! A kimono..! :D With pants! Forgot about those..! :P ( ) I'm not seeing where pants are necessary at this point. :P I'm trying to get front row. He needs pants, damnit!! I am also trying for front row. Hence, no need for pants. This is the opinion that I agree with the most. We always tend to see eye-to-eye when it comes to Geddy. ;)
  17. Oo! A kimono..! :D With pants! No kimonos. Sheldon Cooper will probably have the weirdest boner over that...
  18. Oo! A kimono..! :D With pants! Forgot about those..! :P ( ) I'm not seeing where pants are necessary at this point. :P I'm trying to get front row. He needs pants, damnit!! I am also trying for front row. Hence, no need for pants.
  19. Oo! A kimono..! :D With pants! Forgot about those..! :P ( ) I'm not seeing where pants are necessary at this point. :P
  20. I don't know about changing me or anything, but every time I start to feel overwhelmed by life I hear this in my head: Sometimes our big splashes are just ripples in the pool... It always helps me stop and look at things in perspective.
  21. I hate it when two bands I like are up against each other, but I had to go with my Canadian boys and vote for Rush.
  22. I almost ALWAYS sit on Geddy's side, so pictures of the drummer are near to impossible.
  23. Who the hell is looking at the wine? Any time I'm around Geddy I develop tunnel vision. That happens to me at every gig. I try really hard to look at the others at least some of the time, but I seldom succeed. I refer to that as "Geddy-blindness." I am SO GLAD I am not the only one. I like to take pictures at concerts (when I am close enough) and it's so damn strange that I get hundreds of Geddy and only ten or twelve of the other two guys...what are their names again? :P
  24. Yes, Alex just built a new multi-million dollar house a couple of years back. Geddy is (last I heard...not that I am a stalker or anything) still in the same house he and his wife bought back in the mid '80's. I, personally, prefer Geddy's cellar. It just seems more...I dunno...genuine? Like he has it there because he REALLY loves wine and not just so he could look like the upper 1%. Just my humble opinion.
  25. No, I don't know. I do love doing the playful thing with my partner; flirting and teasing while we are not in a position for things to go any further. I have that build up for a good part of the day...then, the love making is a little more intense and, quite frankly, fun (although, sex is like pizza...even when it's not that good, it's still kinda good and I'm glad to have it. :P ). It's nice when that happens, but it just doesn't happen very damn often. I'm usually happy if foreplay is more than the guy grabbing a handful of my breasts and giving them a squeeze. This. I also love that feeling when I turn to see my partner staring at me with the most ethereal look on his face. It's been years since I've seen that... :( I miss it. Sometimes a sweet text can also just set the stage for an awesome home coming. No pun intended. To be wanted, desired and loved are some of our basic needs as human beings. I crave it. Hell, that's probably why I cave every time my ex comes around doing the "I miss you" bit. My brain knows he just wants to get laid, but that stupid urge kicks in and I get lost in his desire for me, even if it's just for a couple of hours. Silly and stupid...absolutely. But, he keeps coming back to me, which in my primitive brain means that I am desirable. That one instant can offset ten rejections. I wish people would realize how powerful those feelings can be in a relationship. Ok, I'm rambling. Maybe it's time to get some rest. It's been a busy week.
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