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  1. Outstanding Pics. Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!
  2. Thanks so much for sharing the Photobucket Tony. Bigtime congrats to the guys on the award. However, does Geddy not own formal-wear?? Looked nice but this looked like a formal-type affair indeed. And does Alex have a tailor?? Jacket looked too short and he looked stuffed into his clothes in some of the pics.
  3. Grove City (Columbus SW Suburb). Grew up in NE Ohio near Youngstown.
  4. September 20, 2012 at the Wide. Beyond Excited!!!!!!!!
  5. It's been quite a long time since I ventured into LadyLand here to see what's on the mind of the beautiful fem-fetales of TRF and when I saw this thread I knew it wouldn't take too long for someone to ask the male side of things. One of my nick-names in middle school/high school was Ape so that should give you a good visual right there... I shave my back as soon as the weather starts warming back up definitely and from time to time during the winter. As far as nether-regions I trim the landscaping every couple of weeks and shave the shaft pretty much every day, balls a couple times a week. I tried shaving everything down south once but with all of the other hair on my legs/chest (which I think look good) it just looked completely out of place.
  6. As I sit here listening to RB, I was very relieved when I read that Alex said the setlist was going to be the same for this segment as last summer here in Columbus (we had an incredible time taking our daugther) so I don't feel as bad not being able to make the show tonight. With a sell-out I am so excited for my fellow froods in attendance tonight to bring their bigtime "A" game because the show will be awesome on CD/Blu-Ray!!!!! Bring it tonight my fellow Buckeyes (and friends from other locales)!!!!!! I am with you in RUSH spirit!!!!!
  7. I took my 11-year-old daughter (who turns 12 today, I Love You Al) last summer to Nationwide Arena in August along with my wife and sister and she had a blast. I took all angles to make sure this was the first "real" concert she would ever see in-person because there are other groups she wanted to see like Paramore which was in town about 2 months before. I told her that night as she went to bed that now if you want to go see other concerts as long as we approve of the act it's fine... I would say if she is into Rush then go for it. Rush fans are the absolute best.
  8. Fantastic collection of pictures. Thanks so much for sharing.
  9. I was in the front row of Section 206, seats 1-4. Awesome view indeed.
  10. QUOTE (Snow-Dog2112 @ Aug 30 2010, 11:27 AM) QUOTE (RushNut @ Aug 30 2010, 11:18 AM) WOW...what a show it was! Damn they rocked last night. Yes, there were cameras there that I saw and one guy roving in front of the stage with a camera. I guess that is what that little half round "skirt" was in front of the stage. The camera seemed to be mounted on a rail that slid back and forth. did geddy say anything like "were making a movie tonight" or anything No Geddy did not say anything about last night's show being filmed. It was a fantastic time indeed and the crowd was very into the show.
  11. As with so many other folks there are a multitude of lyrics that are favorites with different meanings for different things in life. This is one of my all-time favorites: So much poison in power, the principles get left out So much mind on the matter, the spirit gets forgotten about Like a righteous inspiration overlooked in haste Like a teardrop in the ocean, a diamond in the waste Some world-views are spacious And some are merely spaced - Grand Designs
  12. I am taking my 11 year old daughter to the Aug. 29th show at Nationwide for her first real concert of any kind. Ever since she was a toddler and loved watching "dragon" on my Rio DVD I told myself if I ever had the chance to take her to her first real concert it would be Rush and thankfully that will happen. Almost didn't because wife wanted to go see Rascal Flatts on Aug. 8th in town but couldn't afford both for all of us. Whew!!!!
  13. Welcome to TRF PhoenixMike and thanks ever so much for the spectacular photos. I try not to packrat too much but I will never lose track of all the concert tickets that I have dating back to Nov. 1982 when Rush was my first concert.
  14. QUOTE (RushNut @ Jul 1 2010, 07:44 AM) I would go but will have my 12 yr old son Exactly I will be bringing my 11 year old daughter to her first-ever concert of any kind (so geeked that it's going to be the Boys). The best place to continue this will be at the Columbus OH thread on the Hot Tub Time Machine page. If I could suggest here on this thread that there are plenty of cool places that are not bar-only 21 to get in-type places. My office is 2 blocks from Nationwide so I am familiar with pretty much everywhere in the area.
  15. When this tour was announced I got so excited because I always wanted to make Rush my daughter's (age 11) first real concert experience and back on S&A I felt she was a little bit too young. She has sat with me and watched my dvd collection (when she was growing up she called One Little Victory her Dragon song...lol) but can't wait to see her reactions to viewing it live in an arena (Nationwide in Columbus).
  16. I was so excited when it was announced I added it that day...
  17. Such a tough choice to narrow down. I agree completely with the Countdown in HD on the screens would be awesome. Grand Designs and Middletown Dreams are awesome too. I will throw Kid Gloves out there. It's just going to be a blast to see what they do bring back out of the "vaults" aside from the songs we expect them to play and love them to play.
  18. Got the $52 seats in the front row of Section 206 through the pre-sale with no glitches at all. With the configuration diagram that was shown on the email that I got, the stage is about 1/2 way down the floor area and not way at the west end like for other concerts (last one I saw was Billy Joel/Elton John) so I am completely stoked for this.
  19. This weekend is the 30th Jazz and RibFest here in Columbus (went there for lunch today...Yummo!!!) Tomorrow night is Norman Brown with Alex Beugnon and Eric Darius but minus Wayman Tisdale...RIP Big Fella Sunday night is Mindy Abair
  20. Billy Joel/Elton John Face-Face: Saw them two nights ago at Nationwide Arena here in Columbus. Overall it was an excellent show with great showmenship from both gentlemen. I really liked how they designed their show in comparison to when I saw them in 1994 at Ohio Stadium. They came out together and played together each others piano songs, alternating back and forth. Then Billy left and Sir Elton played about an hour of his songs with his band which emerged from underneath the stage in a very efficient and cool manner. Then Billy came out and played for about an hour with his band emerging from underneath the stage. Then they played all together each others songs for about another 1/2 hour then the bands left and the two of them finished with Candle in the Wind and Piano Man the same way they started with just the two of them on piano. Only real annoying part was Elton's keyboard player a few times got too loud and overpowered the song. Again a wonderful show with a lot of great sing-a-longs with their classics.
  21. Tonight - Billy Joel and Elton John at Nationwide Arena here in Columbus.
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