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    5-1-2008 - Snakes & Arrows - Phoenix
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    1)Having my brother come all the way from Japan to see Rush (5-1-2008 - Snakes & Arrows - Phoenix) and getting right up in front of the stage for the encore (YYZ) ! 2) Driving from Phoenix to Denver to see Rush @ Red Rocks on the Time Machine Tour.
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    King Crimson, Yes, Peter Gabriel, Mike Oldfield, Frank Zappa, Joe Satriani, Asia, Genesis, ELP
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  1. Maybe send an email to Anthem and explain what you sent and where you sent it, and tell them that everything you sent got returned to you unsigned. Ask them why. Maybe they will send you something to compensate. :) Tread lightly....I once emailed Anthem about this subject and got flamed in TRF for mentioning it.
  2. My R40 tourbook finally came back "RTS" from Phoenix. It was delivered on 7/22 for the 7/27 show. Sux cause I had success with Phoenix in the past. #RUSHon
  3. Does Phoenix accept. I found a old list of venues that supposedly did not accept. San Jose and US Airways were two of them. I sent something off to San Jose. I figured what the heck it can't hurt Emailed Phoenix and they said they would pass on packages to the tour manager. My Perm Waves LP is on its way there for try #4. Used USPS Priority Box this time and sharpie included. Fingers crossed. good deal... I sent permanent waves to San Jose..... Hope you have luck I had success with Phoenix on the Time Machine Tour. My R40 tourbook was delivered on 7/22 for the 7/27 show, but still have not seen hide nor hair of it. The return tracking is still not found. Hope it finds its way back soon....
  4. Sent my R40 tourbook to US Airways Center...Only 6 wakeups till #R40PHX! I'll let you all know if it comes back signed... Peace!
  5. IMHO any setlist is a win cause we get to see RUSH live!!
  6. The Clockwork Angels tour hit TD Garden on October 24, 2012...
  7. Found this on ticketmaster..... Rush - TD Garden Jun 23, 2015 @tdgarden @rushtheband #Ticketmaster http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/01004D9DAA3238F5?SREF=TWEventKeyword Anyone know if it is true??? Maybe a big announcement on the horizon?? Digits crossed!!
  8. Three years ago today (08/16/2010) a couple of cool things happened: 1) My beautiful granddaughter, Abygail Hope, was born..Happy birthday! 2) My everloving bride and I got to see the Time machine tour @ Red Rocks!! TWO life-changing events in one day!! A very cool day in my family's history!!
  9. You folks in Dallas are in for a real treat ! I was at the show in Phoenix, not sure what all the talk about the crowd being weak is about. I was on floor and the crowd was rocking for the whole show, Of course some of us older folks had to sit for a minute here or there but we rocked! I'm sure I'm not the only 50 year old with a sore neck and sore throat in Phoenix today! :rush: :rush: :rush: :rush:
  10. Having seen my first show in 1980 in Philly (MP warm-up tour) and not missing a show in Phoenix since Presto I finally made the 700 mile drive to Red Rocks from Phoenix and was and lucky enough to catch the Time Machine Tour at Red Rocks in 2010. It was an awesome show. I'm hoping that Rush brings the Clockwork Angels tour to Red Rocks in the summer of 2013 so I can see them at least one more time...
  11. QUOTE (Jomboni @ Oct 25 2012, 06:22 AM) Apparently there was a minor setlist change? They did the "B" setlist but played 7 Cities instead of Wish Them Well. (wish they did that in Philly!) Hope we get the same set in Phoenix. I think we are due for setlist B but I really wanna hear SCOG live!
  12. We get to see RUSH live, there is no problem!! I get tired of the setlist whiners. What'll they complain about in a few years when the guys decide enough is enough and they retire. NO SETLIST? C'mon people. We should be glad we get to hear their new stuff. We should be glad we still get to hear any RUSH played live and by the the three band members (even if it is the "new" guy on drums)!! We can go to any local club and hear a tribute band play the greatest hits. I hope "real" RUSH fans appreciate the deep cuts. Thanks for letting me vent! Only 46 more wakeups till I get to see The CLockwork Angels Tour rock Phoenix!!
  13. My tix from MusicToday for the Phoenix show arrived on Mon.!! Only 59 more wakeups people!!
  14. QUOTE (HigherWater @ Sep 20 2012, 10:37 PM)I live in Colorado. I'm a school teacher. I have resigned myself to the realization that I will not be seeing Rush live on this tour. (No travel for me) So I've been watching the You Tubes with a whole lot of interest and some sadness. Rush is picking up some serious steam! The videos from Detroit and Chicago are unbelieveble. The boys sound amazing and the show is tight and visually brilliant. If you're a setlist hater it's time to get over it! This tour is fantastic and the energy is clearly on the rise. Here, here! Great post! Sorry they are not coming your way on this leg. Maybe they will play Red Rocks next year. I get tired of listening to the setlist whiners. C'mon people we get to see Rush live!! Who cares what they play? What other band from their era are still around and playing new, relevant music? Most other classic rock bands are now just tribute bands of themselves, satisfied to play a greatest hits setlist. Only 66 more wakeups till I get to see the show in Phoenix!!
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