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  1. I was at work- and being a athletic trainer/sports medic we always have the TV on ESPN in the Athletic Training Room - I was at my desk listening to Pandora - Heard/Saw the commercial and couldn't believe that Fly By Night was on a Passat commercial - walked back into my office and lo and behold-Fly By Night was playing on Pandora so I thought it was just my imagination for about 3 days until one of my friends told me about it since he knew I was a fan (...except for the fact he thought it was La Villa... ) But totally fun - Gotta love the air stick flip - cracks me up every time -
  2. Haven't had the time to put it on my ipod - as I've been listening to it in the car at work etc too much... That being said ... Well I think I may have officially worn out a CD! Didn't know that was possible
  3. Sorry to hear of your loss But I'm glad that you can find some solace and peace in The Garden. Couldn't agree more that I am sure the boys would feel extremely humbled by the fact you have so much emotion and so many memories associated with the piece. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Best wishes to you and yours. May your mother RIP
  4. That sucks! My sympathies.... I would add either a very large Chocolate Chip cookie or a pint of Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream (maybe not directly with the rest of the remedy .... but it's always good too) I know sort of how you feel - I had tickets to the Charolettesville show and my new job won't let me out in time to make the 3 hour drive there (especially since its a Tuesday!) Good luck with the crazy 16 hour travels!
  5. QUOTE (ShlappinDahBass @ Sep 5 2012, 08:59 AM) I just can not (emotionally) get over this song. It has got to be one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. These guys truly created a masterpiece that I hope they play live...NEXT SATURDAY Is anyone else still in "The Garden Trance"? I am, For sure!! There's something about this song that makes me keep going back to repeat it. This is an amazing piece that I love to drive the windy roads to work blasting in my car or to head home and just chillax. It's def on my top Rush songs, and probably my favorite of CA so far!
  6. QUOTE (Mara @ May 30 2010, 09:38 AM) The screens are a thoughtful touch for people who have crap seats, as has already been suggested. Also nice if you happen to be short and get stuck sitting behind Lurch. Here here!! Couldn't agree more. It's hard to be in the sea of big guys when you are a 5'4" short woman. Screens = Good/Stay
  7. ok massive failure - sorry please disregard
  8. Hey - Sorry if this has been discussed - I couldn't find it in the forum and due to a massive computer crash have been MIA for quite some time. So have the ticket prices jumped up a huge amount for this tour or does it just happen to be at the venues that I can go to? Being a poor college student I can't afford to go to the shows (super tragic!!)- especially when the ticket prices are more than is in my bank account! Sooooo cruel - such a tease Whats up with this??
  9. QUOTE (ProfGumby @ May 21 2009, 09:29 PM) Think of this....I have a clock that is set to Military time....every night it is 21:12 for one glorious minute! I would love to find an alarm clock that could be set to 21:12 and play (Guess what song?) And think of this, my (one day I hope) grand kids will see the year 2112 I do something similar - my clocks are all in miliary time and I think its awesome when I look and its 21:12. I often text one of my friends explaining my joy..... which usually ends with them laughing and making fun of me. Always a good time!!
  10. QUOTE (MMCXII @ Jan 31 2009, 06:57 AM) how about "GED E LEE"? That'd be pretty cool. I'm trying to figure out one for myself... but I don't know if I need a car or motorcycle one, and I'm not 100% sure what state I'll be in ( work/ grad college) Can't wait to get one. I wanted to do a YYZ 2112 - but of course that was taken in the states I'm looking at
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