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  1. Not only did they open with Spirit of Radio on both legs of the Time Machine Tour, but there was a 6 minute long opening video with the song featured. Yeah, I like it too, but after last tour, I can see them giving it a break on this leg. It probably returns for leg two of this tour next year.
  2. Anybody think that maybe this leg of the tour will be CA plus a lot of the 80s, and maybe next year the second leg will be CA plus a lot of the 90s? Maybe next year we get a ton of stuff off Roll the Bones, Counterparts, Test for Echo, and Vapor Trails along with the CA songs. Who knows. As we learned in the documentary video, the band will do what it wants to do.
  3. Interesting thing if the A and B setlists are correct. Of the 5 alternating songs, all 5 of the B list songs are longer than the A list songs, at least looking at the running times on the studio albums. In fact, it comes to about 3.5 minutes. Wonder if they will be shortening any of the B list songs.
  4. Per RIAB the encore will be Tom Sawyer and Spirit of Radio.
  5. Got the email notice this morning that tickets are being shipped.
  6. I'm gonna start early and beat the crowd. WHAT? NO RIVENDELL? AGAIN??? (now watch it actually be in there!)
  7. I'm still waiting and I have seen other boards where people are also waiting, so STL tix just have not been sent out yet.
  8. scottw

    Anarchist on SNF!

    As NBC just went to break after a Pittsburgh interception they were playing The Anarchist as their go to break music!
  9. I will have some extra tickets to sell. Where on the Forum is that done? Is it in the Headlong Flights section under the heading for the specific show? Or is there someplace else? Just don't want to post in the wrong place. Thanks.
  10. Yes, the Chicago team is the Rush, and I did think of that!
  11. I went to the Nashville show on Sunday. Tonight I am going to the Louisville show. I am a fan of the arena football league and on the night in between the Rush shows I watched live on line the game between Philadelphia and Milwaukee. Check out the attendance! Philadelphia Soul 20 20 3 6 49 Milwaukee Mustangs 3 21 7 20 51 Date: Monday April 4, 2011 Arena: Bradley Center Attendance: 2,112
  12. The Toledo date has been rescheduled. It's been pushed back one week from Wednesday, April 6th to Wednesday, April 13th. It looks like the Friday, April 1st Rush show at the Greensboro Coliseum has been pushed back one day to Saturday, April 2nd.
  13. Plenty of Columbus tix available now. They just moved the stage back and opened up more seats.
  14. You know you're a Rush fan when. . . You go to a Blue Man Group show and all you keep thinking is, "Neil could do that. . ."
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