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  1. I sent 2 things last tour. On both legs. First I sent "Contents Under Pressure" book. All the guys signed it. Next leg I sent a "Snakes & Arrows" lithograph I picked up on the first leg. They all signed it, with Geddy writing good luck to me. So don't worry about getting it back. Thinking of sending my copy of "Ghost Rider" for Neil to sign.
  2. What about "Marathon"? Song has been growing on me lately.
  3. I feel your pain. Got my tickets for the West Palm show a few weeks ago & it seems like forever. The worst thing now is waiting for the documentary next week on VH1, and waiting for my Blu- ray of it to get here. Anyone know of a pre party for the show? We're coming from Orlando.
  4. Ahhh the good ole days. Went to the venue 1 day after school, bought 2 tickets with my bud for Moving Pictures tour. Night of the show, front row against the railing. But it was general admission, but still $20 and not all this freakin hassle.
  5. They played most of it on the last tour anyway. Saw them play "Camera Eye" on the Moving Pictures tour, so not that excited, don't get me wrong, still awesome. I wonder if they are going to play Moving Pictures in order, or through out the show?
  6. I saw 3 shows last tour. But only went to a site other than ticketmaster. After the presale for an Orlando show, ticketmaster only offered tickets in back of the arena. If I go to a show I refuse to spend good money to sit in back. I looked on ebay for tickets. They musthave quite a bit of brokers on there. I bought 2 tickets on the side and was pretty close. Paid $100 each, paid thru Paypal, & recieved my tickets within a week. I did this about a month before the show and had a good experience. But I was worried until I got them. Hope this helps.
  7. Presto-digitation said it best, so not to much I can expand on there, well said dude. Is it perfect?, close. Let me ask everyone in here. We have talked about T4E, and S&A this week. Some of us like certain songs, others of us disagree, or skip over these. Which is totally, to each his own. But can any of us honestly say there is anything on MP we skip over?
  8. All great songs, but put Rush Radio in my iTunes. Now with my airport on my Mac, I have a commercial free, all Rush radio station playing thru my home system. Something everyone should check out. Internet station that's totally free.
  9. ok guys, thanks for the responses. I always get my questions answered here. I know why there are roasters, or dryers, etc. behind Geddy. Just thought there was significance with the chickens since it's also mentioned in the opening video. And as you know, they don't add something unless it pertains to something.
  10. I know the answer to this question has been posted, but I can't find it. Is there a story behind the chickens onstage and the comments in the opening video?
  11. They all sprint to the van taking them away from the venue. Can't understand why, i'm sure they like being stuck in traffic for 3 hours. Not like they have somewhere to be. Man, it's amazing he's even willing to tour. And with fans like that out there, who could blame him.
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