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  1. By far! I wiped my phone clean of everything and replaced with all the Rush studio and 97 Great Woods Summer Skies bootleg. If I want other music I just listen to the radio.
  2. Backstage Club is having a pretty good Winter Sale right now. I got a football R40 Jersey for $49.99 50% off. Now I can have one to wear and one to keep!!!! I will do a fashion show if requested. https://www.rushbackstage.com/rushbackstage/winter-sale/index.html
  3. AC?DC have sold more albums than Judas Priest and Rush combined. Therefore, AC/DC >>> Priest and Rush :7up: hehehe Only because ACDC fans are content to buy the same album over and over and over and over... ...o wait, this also applies to certain Rush fans. Carry on. Im guilty for sure!
  4. Duff my man you might want to lay off the Goat milk for awhile because the guitar solo on Garden Road Rocks!! It gives you a 90 second glimpse of what is to come for the next 40 years. I think in 1974 the guitar player in the band Rush has a little potential. I could be talking out of the side of my a** but we will have to wait and see!
  5. Still one of my favorite live albums.
  6. Today is the birthday of Alex Lifeson's solo album Victor!!
  7. It already precipated when it snowed today, so that's enough for now thanks. As a Rush fan I'm very individualistic and refuse to cooperate with someone telling me to do something unless it makes sense. Even my wife knows better. I will choose Freewill...as the song goes. Nom sayyyn? Thanks for the spell check, never claimed to be a author!! And your opinion of course.
  8. So I know you are probably scratching your head asking what is this post about. First let me give a little background. I attended 3 shows this tour and the last one @ The Forum was by far the best in so many ways. Mainly it was the people. I met Rush fans from all over the world. Friends for life is what I now call them!! Anyway I came up with this idea to start a journal about Rush written by Rush fans. Well I have sent out Vol 1 Book 1 and it is making its way around the globe. Rush fans are writing something that is important to them about Rush. It can be anything just keep it semi clean. Im very surprised at the response that I wanted to get Vol1 Book 2 going. Here is how it works, if you would like to participate please add your name to the list below. At the end I will scan all the pages and make sure you get a copy. Just leave your name and address or email etc so I can contact you for a copy. There is a bootleg hard drive doing the same thing- passing from one TRF person to the next. I was #3 on the Bootleg HD list Add name to this topic list Add anything about Rush you can tell a story or draw or add pictures Do not stop thinking big!!! Make sure you put a little about yourself IE: where you are from etc. Contact info is optional Try not to keep it for too long-maybe 7-10 days Come back to this topic and find the next person on the list and get their mailing address and send it off to them Post a reply to this topic saying where it is going etc. Keep the list updated It goes really smoothly if you try not to keep it to long and most of all guard it with your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have ideas or suggestions please just yell. Who wants to start???? I will put something before mailing out to the first person. Robert 916-770-7110
  9. I emailed him (see below) and got a great response. Its really sad all the fakes out there!!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rush-Neil-Peart-Stage-Used-Snakes-And-Arrows-Tour-Drumstick-Rare-/161937648749? Dear rushheadlongflight, Hi! Thanks for your message, but I'm a little confused as far as what you do not see. You don't see NP? Let me know if you have any other questions! On Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 7:51 PM, eBay - rushheadlongflight <<email address removed per ebay policy>> wrote: From: rushheadlongflight To: myers78_voorhees80 Subject: Re: Details about item: rushheadlongflight sent a message about Rush / Neil Peart Stage-Used "Snakes And Arrows" Tour Drumstick! Rare! #161937648749 Sent Date: Jan-04-16 16:51:30 PST Dear myers78_voorhees80, Hi Im very interested I do not see the NP Thanks Robert - rushheadlongflight http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rush-Neil-Peart-Stage-Used-Snakes-And-Arrows-Tour-Drumstick-Rare-/161937648749?
  10. robertrobyn

    Rush ads

    on the Power Windows ad I was at the 12-16-85 Largo MD date. The old Capital Center!!!!
  11. Use area code postal code or zip code. does not matter. What ever you heart desires!!
  12. Zip code?? That's like saying yy'zee'.. it's just silly! Rush are Canadians!! We have area codes!! Not zip codes!! (Oh well, at least we're not doing this at walmart lol) by putting a zip code here in USA it is easy to tell what city. If you can spell out what city than do that.. Sacramento would have been pretty hard to do on the peg hooks at HD etc. You get the picture.
  13. There are some great things that come out of Goatnut , TN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Calling all Rush fans. Go to your local Home Depot to the isle with all the letters and leave the Rush mark with your zip code or city and post your picture here!!! I know this is silly but I thought we could have a little fun. Here is mine from Sacramento, California 95841 turned out great with flash. Happy Holidays to everyone!!!!
  15. Happy International Rush Day 12-21-15 2112
  16. I just wet my pants, spilled my Jack and Coke and fell out the chair!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. After thinking about it for a few minutes I m more mad I spilled my Jack Single Barrel! Just saying!
  17. hope you didnt pay to much. I wou;ld have given to you for free
  18. Modern era Rush is part of their history, Just saying!! I actually listen from start to finish records from GuP on more than I listen to older stuff.
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