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  1. Kreator and Sodom...bro you're bringing me back. This type of thrash was my early 20s obsession. Still love this whole album. Great art on this one too.
  2. Probably, honestly.... the little stop motion robot in the Reckless video tho lolol
  3. My favorite to least favorite. Point of Entry being that high is probably my hot take, but I don't care, I love that album. Turbo over Painkiller too...I just like the older shit, DON'T JUDGE ME. Stained Class Sad Wings of Destiny Sin After Sin Killing Machine Point of Entry British Steel Screaming for Vengeance Defenders of the Faith Turbo Painkiller Firepower Rocka Rolla Angel of Retribution Redeemer of Souls Ram It Down Nostradamus
  4. Okay gimme a minute I'm f***ing zonked buddy 420blazeit
  5. J.I.D (Featuring 21 Savage & Baby Tate) - Surround Sound
  6. Blackjack - Love Me Tonight Michael Bolton was sangin, don't front
  7. Rod Stewart - Maggie May Be drunk when this song comes on and not sing challenge (impossible)
  8. Steely Dan - My Old School Wifetron picked this but it's my favorite Dan jam
  9. Funkadelic - Get Off Your Ass and Jam Insane guitar solo
  10. Sam Cooke - A Change is Gonna Come is the greatest song of all time
  11. Snoop.- Ain't No Fun Lolol we were wilin when I was kid that's all I'm saying lolol
  12. Big Country - In a Big Country Another one of my all-time favorite jams!
  13. Tyler, The Creator (Featuring Kali Uchis) - See You Again
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