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  1. :musicnote: Bow to Leper Messiah :musicnote: :notworthy:
  2. I am finished watching award shows - all of them. Have a nice day :)
  3. I just logged in and saw the thread - I was watching tv early this morning - mtv or something - multiple FooFighters videos - By video #3, I switched channels because Everlong makes me sad (my ending marriage) but otherwise thought nothing of it. Now I know why.... Goddammitt, this is INSANE! Well, just F**K :(!!! To the Foo Fighters - the band members and their families, their friends, their fans - I am so sorry. RIP, Taylor :rose:
  4. Rest in Peace, Lorraine. :heart:
  5. I am so sorry to hear about your furbaby. no words, just a big hug :hug2:
  6. Sorry to hear this. I hope you will be alright. :cheers:
  7. Thank you! :cheers: :sundog:
  8. The website times out on Firefox, but it does come in on MEdge. This has been happening for several days now - FYI
  9. :musicnote: and the world drags me down...:musicnote:
  10. Wishing you comfort and peace.
  11. Good Morning! :hug2:
  12. Sunflowers will be growing in NY as well!! :cheers:
  13. Plants and cats to stare at...^^^
  14. Hi Lorraine. So good to hear from you!
  15. Happy Birthday! Best wishes and many more... :cheers:
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