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  1. One of my first baseball memories was watching Graig Nettles play third base for the Yankees, and watching him steal hit after hit from opposing batters, especially during the '78 World Series against the Dodgers. Every time he made an amazing play the camera would cut to Tommy LaSorda in the dugout, spitting and kicking and cursing. Nettles may have won that Series for the Yanks with his glove, and he was my first baseball hero. I asked my dad if Nettles was the best third baseman he'd ever seen, and he said almost, Brooks Robinson was better.
  2. Who can name more like this? This is the only one I can think of.
  3. I'm a bit confused. I thought TRF was designated a Spandau Ballet-free zone. There's a sign right by the door. This is supposed to be a safe space!
  4. Agreed, but at least we got to see and hear several of them on the last tour. I was a little surprised to see him travel with so many vintage collectible instruments.
  5. Wenner fancied himself an intellectual, and liked to bump elbows with influential (white male) musicians whom he also saw as intellectual in order to validate himself. Ironically enough, Geddy, Alex and Neil are/were clearly intellectual (without trying to be) who happen to be white men who wrote intellectual music. You'd think they'd be right up Wenner's alley, but I guess he saw them as math rock nerds and not cool like Springsteen and Jagger. Wenner is a nobody, a smug and bigoted pseudo-intellectual fraud.
  6. You posted that after their 40-0 loss to the Cowboys last Sunday. The "lol" was well deserved, and they carried that ineptitude over to today's game against the Cardinals, going into the room at halftime down 20--0. Imagine having a -60 point differential after only six quarters, with zero points scored? The Giants beat the Cards 31-28.
  7. They skipped the cool tricky unison run before YYZ's main riff, but I guess trying to get a thousand players to play that in perfect sync is asking a bit much. Still, nicely done.
  8. It looks like an art student's airbrushing project from back in the1980s.
  9. A dung beetle walks into a bar. He says, "Is this stool taken?"
  10. Don't know too many of his songs, but this one and Dream Weaver are pretty awesome, and were very ahead of their time. RIP.
  12. On behalf of the administrators of The Rush Forum, I hereby present the 391st Solar Federalist badge to stoopid... stoopid, you have assumed control.... ...of The Rush Forum's Solar Federalist badge no. 391...Congratulations! Also, your badge has been added to the Hallowed Hall, and below is a mini-badge that you can add to your sig, if you wish. Congrats!
  13. It's funny, my bottom-8 songs share a common musical trait, one that doesn't quite apply to Half the World, but that song's ham-handed and painfully-repetitive lyrics drag it down to a third-worst ranking with little effort.
  14. Despite the many similarities, your list had some real head-scratchers compared to mine. You have Rivendell all the way up at #63? That's bottom-10 for me. Time and Motion all the way down at #142, when I see it as the second-best song off of T4E and ranked in my top-50? And, perhaps most egregiously, you have Second Nature inexplicably elevated to the lofty position of #160 as opposed to its rightful last-place ranking of #165. Shame....shame.
  15. Absolutely stellar job on your list, man. Early on I said I had a feeling our rankings would be comparable, and I was right. And your analyses were concise and spot-on. And we still get to enjoy hi_water's ongoing rankings.
  16. Agree, I have it ranked lower than this. How much lower I won't say at this time.
  17. I had trouble ranking this one. Its importance in Rush's history is obvious, but it's not a song I can just pop on and listen to at a moment's notice simply because of its length and intensity (same goes for Hemispheres). It's a song that part of me wants to rank in the top-3, but I don' have it quite this high. Still, can't argue with where you placed this.
  18. Yeah, a lot of VT was like that for me. Vapor Trail and How It IS are good examples of songs that flew under the radar at first but got a lot of appreciation later. Most fans don't like Peaceable Kingdom, and I felt likewise at first, but I really like the snarky guitars and the groove now.
  19. I love the heavy Led Zep vibe of this song, and have it ranked much higher. I feel like I'm in the minority there, but this song grabbed me on the first listen and it still delivers.
  20. No argument with either of these rankings. Some wouldn't rank Barchetta in their top-10 but I sure do.
  21. Schauffele is -21 on the last hole of the Tour Championship. Imagine having that score and being five back of the leader. Hovland tore this one up
  22. Imagine having a song on the radio that has multiple time signature and meter changes, all played with advanced skill, and having it become as popular and iconic as some straight-ahead rock songs. This song and Tom Sawyer did just that, and that might be Rush's greatest accomplishment. The other good example of that is Carry On Wayward Son. Not as many time sig changes but lots of meter and feel changes.
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