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  1. The year has been a good one for the Society. This year our members have put more things on top of other things than ever before.
  2. See Ensign Blackhawk's frank adult death struggle with the spine-chilling giant electric penguin!
  3. And what is the name of your...ravishing wife? Wait, don't tell me....it's something to do with moonlight. It goes with her eyes.
  4. Is this because he took out one of those silly cards? Typical of him!
  5. I'm sorry, but I'm not allowed to argue unless you've paid!
  6. https://www.nfl.com/news/steelers-hall-of-fame-rb-franco-harris-author-of-the-immaculate-reception-dies-a PITTSBURGH -- Franco Harris, the Hall of Fame running back whose heads-up thinking authored "The Immaculate Reception," considered the most iconic play in NFL history, has died. He was 72. Harris' son Dok told The Associated Press his father passed away overnight. No cause of death was given. His death comes two days before the 50th anniversary of the play that provided the jolt that helped transform the Steelers from also-rans into the NFL's elite and three days before Pittsburgh is scheduled to retire his No. 32 during a ceremony at halftime of its game against the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Eve.
  7. Would you like a glass of blood? Oh what a giveaway!
  8. Excuse me sir, I ought to have told you that Mr. Blackhawk does tend to exaggerate. Every figure he gives you will be ten times too high. Otherwise he's perfectly all right.
  9. In this thread we cannot see Mrs. B.J. Smegma of 13 Lakeside Park. Mrs. Smegma, will you stand up please.
  10. This series was created by Taylor Sheridan, who also created Yellowstone, and wrote the excellent Hell or High Water. Apparently this guy knows what I like. And Tulsa's showrunner is Terence Winter who was heavily involved in The Sopranos.
  11. I've seen a few clips on YouTube, it does look interesting. I don't have Paramount+ but I might have to get it as I want to binge Yellowstone too.
  12. Well, I was sitting on a park bench over there, took my coat off for a minute and then I found my wallet had been stolen and 15 pounds taken from it.
  13. Are you sure you don't mind? You're sure I won't be disturbing you? Good. Because I don't want to disturb you, specially as you're being so kind about me not disturbing you.
  14. And now for something completely different -- a man with a tape recorder up his brother's nose.
  15. Argentinian-born legend Andrés Cantor never got to call a win for Argentina in a World Cup Final. Until yesterday.
  16. I beg your pardon? I don't much like the tone of your voice.
  17. One day you'll realize there's more to life than culture. There's dirt, and smoke, and good honest sweat!
  18. Please, please! This is supposed to be a happy occasion! Let's not bicker and argue about who killed who.
  19. It's got huge, sharp...it can leap about...look at Roll the Bones!
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