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  1. Lone Star is bad. Shiner Bock is passable. I'll never go out of my way to get one but I know I won't make a strong EWWWW face if I drink one.
  2. I can't see "Bohemian style beer" and not think of Shawshank Redemption.
  3. As classy a first lady as we've ever had -- she was what every first lady should aspire to be.
  4. My first thought was any malt liquor. Disgusting. Imagine thinking you need a 40oz bottle of that shit. Any of the cheap American macrobrews would qualify, like Miller, Budweiser, Coors, Busch, and any light beer...they all use cheap grains, including corn or rice (Bud) -- grains which should never be used to brew beer. Michelob, which is marketed as a highbrow beer, is really gross. The one macrobrew that I can stomach while held at gunpoint is Pabst Blue Ribbon.
  5. "It seems that the initial reports that one of our submarines was missing were not completely accurate." "DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY!" Yeah, he was a good one. RIP.
  6. One need not be "TRFer of the century" to positively contribute and interact in SOCN. Being at least somewhat open-minded and somewhat thick-skinned and having some ideas of your own is all you need. BP's been in there for only a week and he's doing just fine.
  7. I need to see these guys at some point. Hopefully they do more US shows, going to make it to a show if they swing by my area.
  8. A link would be nice! https://the-aristocrats-band.com/
  9. On behalf of the administrators of The Rush Forum, I hereby present the 393rd Solar Federalist badge to Rush Didact... Rush Didact, you have assumed control.... ...of The Rush Forum's Solar Federalist badge no. 393...Congratulations! Also, your badge has been added to the Hallowed Hall, and below is a mini-badge that you can add to your sig, if you wish. Congrats!
  10. Right, Cale's version is raw and grimy, while Clapton's is too polished for my taste.
  11. Don't get me wrong, this lineup will be fun, especially with Satriani and Bohnam, but it's amazing how, even after Eddie's death, the Sammy/Michael camp can't get it together with the Alex/Wolfgang camp and do a proper tribute tour.
  12. This is the full interview that we saw teased with the 8 questions thread.
  13. Photosonic is as much of an asshole as Chatsonic. Apparently, it has never seen a picture of Rush.
  14. Your favorite Rush song? The Garden. That surprised me at first -- I expected something like Natural Science -- but it makes sense the more I think about it.
  15. Here's to all the veterans, thank you for your service.
  16. A Rush bar in YYZ? Took 'em long enough. I'd have a pint there. I'm sure there are more Rush things hanging on the walls that we're not seeing.
  17. Coffee is like beer. Some people just want a cup o' joe or a cold beer and aren't too picky about it. And there's nothing wrong with that. But some people want to up their game. Grinding the coffee beans yourself is the thing. Coffee goes stale very soon after grinding, like a minute later, so when you buy pre-ground coffee -- even if they vacuum seal it immediately after grinding -- you're buying stale coffee. Keurig pods are the worst, they all taste like burnt garbage.
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