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  1. I don't have a video but I recall it was something about the land of the Doo Dah. That to me means they saw something advertising the July 4th Doo Dah parade in the neighborhood near the arena.
  2. I'm a huge Deadhead Bless you. I honestly don't know how anybody does it. It must be one of those things in life you either "get" or just don't... I have to be in the right mood...Phish is one that I just can't get! And I know a bunch of serious Dead Heads that feel the same way! That's about the only band I'll flip when they come on Jam On on XM! I've picked up a lot of Dick's Picks over the years, and when the mood strikes, I can dig into them! I like the Dead. I'm going to all 3 Fare Thee Well shows in Chicago next month. I'm also a huge Phish fan. Granted they are all different styles but what I like about all 3 bands (Rush included) is the level of musicianship involved. While Rush is more technically structured and very rarely ever strays from that structure, I love the freedom of the music of both Phish and the Dead. I equate it to the same thing as jazz music (which i also love) where you never know what you are going to get. Both bands are also heavily rooted in the music that inspired them. You hear lots of bluegrass and folk music in the roots of the Dead. I know the music is not for everybody but I just get annoyed with people who see heavy drug use and hippies and immediately tune it out. I may be a rarity because I don't do those things but I really enjoy the freedom of the music and being able to connect with it as it is happening. With that being said, I don't feel like paying anything for majorly huge box sets. I would love to have the dead box when it comes out but I think I love having 700 bucks to spend on other things in my pocket a lot more.
  3. DW will use this kit for promo work after the tour, make no mistake this kit will be a shrude investment for the DW brand! Or someone can buy one of the hundred kits made from the oak tree.
  4. 2112 at the end of set 2 was a tip of the hat to ATWAS. It was the same movements of the song on the album.
  5. I just got around to buying this box recently since I've pretty much committed myself to getting all of the vinyl releases this year. I received it today from Amazon only to be disappointed that the download code expires 10 days ago on 4/15/15. I find it highly irritating that I have no other way of getting the vinyl download now. iTunes looks like the have the "Mastered for iTunes" version.
  6. I have Exit...Stage Left signed. Having gotten Fly By Night on vinyl, it makes me want to get an older copy of it and see if I can get it signed on this tour.
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