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  1. I really like how the set slowly goes back in time as they are playing. It starts all Clockwork Angels-y, and ends empty, with just a few amps sitting on chairs, and lights on lamp stands.
  2. Heal Our Steel and the symbol was a Uniroyal tire. " Heal With Our Steel" Awesome....thanks!!
  3. I was at the show in Detroit and Toronto. He's absolutely mesmerizing.
  4. Alas...they played set A in Toronto. I'm not going to be at the Friday show, where those songs may be played. :boohoo: Stll a great show, though
  5. All 3 would blow my mind, but any one of them would make me crazy happy!
  6. I'm reading through spoilers (which I avoided before I was at the Detroit show) and I'm seeing that How It Is, Between the Wheels, and the Wreckers are part of some set lists. Is this true? They were not played in Detroit. What are my chances of seeing any or all of them in Toronto on Wednesday? I love these songs! Thanks!
  7. QUOTE (Babycat @ Dec 5 2011, 11:37 AM) http://cdn2.maxim.com/blender/files/2009/03/17/dear-superstar-geddy-lee/fs_sized_ds_geddy_lee.jpg This.
  8. You ladies are so great, and I'm enjoying all of the pics that have been posted. Good lord does that man look good! The henley shirt with the buttons at the neckline is especially nice. I'm a "Ged is HOT" girl from way back...I've been busy so I don't get to the message boards much anymore. I was at the Detroit show, 3rd row right in front of Ged's mic. It was spectacular! I tried blowing him kisses but I'm not sure he saw. The last time they were in town I was in front of Alex and I blew him a kiss. Luckily, he saw me and reacted with a really great smile.
  9. Awesome Pics!!! The concert was so amazing, they rocked so hard. I was beside myself with excitement and joy...maybe that's why the row was so crowded! LOL I was right across from Ged's mic, and I hardly took my eyes off of him the whole night. I'm a grown woman, but I have the biggest crush on Geddy Lee. (And have had since 1983 ) Thanks to Mr. Ackman for the great ticket!!
  10. QUOTE (Snaked @ Sep 18 2012, 11:46 PM)I was 5th row directly in front of Geddy and the boys seemed to be having a lot of fun tonight.. oh.. and the strings were even better than in Manchester. Sweet show! Snake, it sounds like you were 2 rows directly behind me. I sang and danced like a crazy woman...maybe you saw me? The addition of the strings onstage was amazing and beautiful for all the CA songs as well as a few "standards". I also liked how Ged and Al would interact with them. What a sweet gig for those string players! The only thing I would have liked was a little more fun and banter between Ged and Al onstage. Is it just me, or does it seem like this tour is rocking harder than S&A? Alex told a story or joke, but I couldn't hear any of it. Anyone catch what he said?
  11. QUOTE (Lady April @ Jul 13 2006, 10:09 PM)Hot Jew boy was just the kicker. LOL!!! Yep, that about sums him up...although I'd probably add "freakin'" or "smokin'", or something of that nature to your description...
  12. Welcome Lady April! You're new here, but are you new to Rush? When did your GedLust begin? There are a lot of great women on this board...enjoy your stay!!
  13. I don't post here much, but I just want to thank everyone for all the lovely pictures. Geddy is HOT! (Editing because I got an unintentional nu page! )
  14. Witch Hunt Looming low and ominous In twilight premature
  15. They're all on A Farewell to Kings? "Wonders in the World they Wrought"
  16. Dang! OK, how about: He's got a problem with his power With weapons on patrol He's got to walk a fine line And keep his self-control From New World Man Edited to say Dang!!!! After I posted this I went back and checked, and it had already been used....lemme try another... How about: He's a writer and arranger And a young boy bearing arms Also from New World Man. This is hard!!
  17. Nocturne "Did I have a dream, or did the dream have me"
  18. Hmmmmm....I'm guessing it's from Signals...... My guess is from The Weapon: "And the things that he fears Are a weapon to be held against him..." Am I close???
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