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    Slight introvert. I like books, working out, playing bass and just doing my thing. I enjoy chatting with fans of Rush!

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    R40 MSG
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    Farewell to Kings
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    Singing with the crowd, and playing air drums, to Jacob's Ladder and Xanadu.
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    Yes, Genesis, Billy Joel, ELP, Iron Maiden, Neil Young
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    Guitar, Bass
  1. I believe John McCain had the same or at least a variant of the same illness, and he fought it out in the limelight. He was lucid late in the disease's development. Glioblastoma has about a 10% survival rate. I don't care what the singer of Godsmack has to say, it doesn't change anything at this point.
  2. The point of the journey is not to arrive, anything can happen!
  3. Happy belated Birthday, Rhyta!
  4. So funny to see some of my favorite songs listed! If I see Countdown I'll crack up!
  5. The only track I really ever skip is Red Sector A. I just went through the entire 80s collection, yep, that's the only one. Can't say it's a bad song at all, just don't really enjoy it. Tai Shan is a bad song, but I enjoy it. It relaxes me.
  6. Does anyone else think PoW and HYF are somewhat similarly sounding albums? The main differences for me are the darker elements of PoW, whereas HYF is motivational and inspiring.
  7. Dude, Countdown kicks so much ass.
  8. HYF for me has some of their best moments. "Everyday we're standing in a time capsule..." "From the point of conception to the moment of truth..." "Tough times demand tough hearts..." They really went all out on the songwriting on this. Lyrics are brilliant. Every song gets love from me on this album. One of my favorites. Yes the production is slick, kind of like Power Windows. But, being born in 1988, I find the production enjoyable, and transports me to the 80s in my imagination.
  9. I sent Subdivisions and Limelight to a lady recently, who liked the songs, but not the voice.
  10. That Geddy "WHINErib" Lee -- sure is a jerk isn't he? :P
  11. Happy Anniversary, GeddysMullet!!!! :rush: :D :ebert: :yay: :geddy:
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