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    toronto dec 21 2112
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    here again
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    caress of steel
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    seeing you at the show
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    Chillawak, Culture Club
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    flute, banjo, tamborine
  1. Ooh, they call him (Dr. Love) he is the doctor of love (calling Dr. Love) he's got the cure you're thinkin' of (calling Dr. Love) Ooh, they Call him (Dr. Love) he is your doctor of love (calling Dr. Love) he's got the cure you're thinking of (calling Dr. Love), ooh, yeah Yeah, they call him (Dr. Love) They call him Dr. Love (calling Dr. Love) he's got the cure you're thinkin' of (calling Dr. Love) Love, love, love, (Dr. Love)
  2. A handsome gentleman indeed.
  3. its been delated. can someone summarize what it said? thanx.
  4. I figured someone would, I'm practically giving it away...
  5. I may not be able to go tonight, I have a hard single ticket for Buffalo tonight. Front row on geddys side. Face value in ticket says 750 (platinum) but will take any reasonable offer. Must pick up n Burlington ontario, 1.5 hours com Buffalo in Canada. My loss is your gain. I am not a broker, administration knows me here, please pm me I will be checking all day, thanx...
  6. thanks stephen always nice to see you . you were in front of me at RCMH in NY more than a decade ago! bump
  7. also, i am interested in FRONT ROWS only, not 2nd/3rd, and so on, thanks. also, if anyone here purcahses a pair from TM for cost, i will be happy to pay above cost to you if you need to sell one, thanks. I am not a broker, just a fan, thanks...
  8. if you want to split the cost of the pair, do let me know, if they are front rows, thanks..please PM me
  9. Im interested in purchasing front rows from brokers, as you know, a pair must be purchased at least. if anyone is interested in SPLITTING the cost of broker purchased seats, with the understanding that they will likely be quite costly, please message me, thanks...
  10. i've had the pleasure of running into b-man several times at rush shows, and he is always very warm, polite, and humble. regarding his book, i think i was in junior high when it came out, and it was the first time i ever read a book from cover to cover. I'm sure b-man could have written 'visions' very articulately, he was a journalist after all. you have to remember that he was writing it for young rush fans (young for the time), not for shakespeare fans. i think he wrote it with grammar that young fans could easily follow. if i was 13 and tried to read martin popoff's 'contents under pressure' back in the 80's, i would be completely lost in understanding it, although i enjoyed it reading it in my adulthood. next time you see this guy at a rush show, try talking to him, he is a great guy, i wish him the best of luck and thank him for writing 'visions'.
  11. i say BS. i am not going to believe for one minute that a 23 year old male in the 70s is going to accept oral sex from a woman. next you're going to have me believe that geddy alex, and neil might actually poop and pee and smoke cigarettes. if they do, i will be so disappointed.
  12. why is everyone giving the OP such a hard time? this person was just expressing his/her nostalgic thoughts about seeing a unique instrument on stage, good post that brings back nice memories.
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