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  1. I would kill to see Dave Lombardo fill in for Neil. He is amazing, precision player
  2. This seems to be an issue with all big arena shows over the last few years. Too many presales and bots then people don't have a chance when tickets "officially" go on sale. The only band who has gotten it right over the last decade is Iron Maiden. They do paperless tickets that are only available to paying fan club members for the presale. And it's always the better seats that they get first dibs on. It eliminates all the tickets getting gobbled up by the presales and scalpers. It blows my mind that hardly any other bands do this. Especially a band who's reached the status Metallica has. My friend picked up upper decks in the presale. And I thought it was one of those "mediocre tickets for the presale" things. I assumed if I got on right on right at public sale time there would be some lower bowl at least. I like how foo fighters in 2015 did beat the bots and sold the floors and lower levels at a old fashioned wait in line sale. What the bands need to do is stick with the paperless thing to prevent scalping. Garth Brooks did that. I remember 2009 with Green day that floors and lowers could only be picked up day of show to prevent scalping
  3. I was talking about the actualy AFTK record, not the live part
  4. I logged on at sale time to try to buy saskatoon tickets today, even 1. and you couldn't buy any lowers or floor for face other then the stupid $600 Whiplash package. I can't believe the last time they played there in 2004 I only paid $60 for floors, and the cad/usd was horrible at the time. I would NEVER spend $500 to see metallica lol
  5. Saw Anthrax and Killswitch together in Edmonton almost 2 weeks ago. Worked out great that I was in town. Great double Bill, joey still sings amazing. He also came out for Holy Diver with KSE for a finale. Best $60 I spent in a long time
  6. I almost picked up this 4lp set especially considering hearing it was the complete show from different stages that I listened to probably a thousant times since it came out. But reading reviews on stevehoffman it sounds like there may be surface noise issues the 2015 pressing did not have. Anyone own it? Is this true? I don't own this record on vinyl yet and this dilemma is bugging me, I don't know which one to get. Maybe both
  7. I loved thier first band as a kid, even the second one was ok. To listen to it now is embarrassing for me and society. These guys sucked lol
  8. Are any of you guys going to the Petty/Walsh tour? It isn't making it up to here. I was contemplating going down to the Nashville show with a friend, but he doesn't already have tickets and stubhub prices are crazy. I really just desperately want to see Walsh while he's still alive and kicking, Petty, is like whatever. He's good, I've seen his show one ten years ago I wouldn't go out of my way to catch him alone.
  9. I went to garth brooks last night. Show 5 of his 9 Edmonton shows. I have to say I was impressed and very happy we went. I hadn't listened to him in 20 years, I pretty much moved on from country music when I was 10 or 11 years old but his old stuff I still remember all the words. My parents were blown away, it was cool to see how much they enjoyed it. I won't say he is the best singer, or showman ever, but he has written some great music and he has a unique way of connecting with the audience. Even the guy in the furthest nosebleed seat feels like he's playing just for him, and He calls out individual audience members! "That guy way up there in the orange shirt, I see you..... you've been on your feet all night". He played some requests like Turn the Page, and Amarillo by morning, which were highlights for me. A few people were leaving at 10:30 at the start of the encore and he was saying "it's cool if you can't stay past 1030, I love you anyways and thanks for being here tonight". What ego rock star says that? His wife Trisha yearwood does some of her songs halfway through the show, she was great. And the opener, this Karyn Rochelle, really good. This girl could be big, and I say that as someone who generally craps all over "country" music, or whatever it's turned into these days.
  10. I gave it 3. I like it now. But when I was young and transitioning through the catalog and made it to PoW and as soon as I heard the cheesy intro i HATED it in bold. Im glad I came back around to the Pow material because of the clockwork tour because I never gave it a fair shake simply because of how much I hated the intro to BIg Money
  11. Now that I've had my fun..... ZZ Top Slayer Megadeth honorable mention goes to Metallica Tool Van Halen Soundgarden/Cornell Skynard
  12. I have a hard imagining an elevated Rush fan could say that. I'm a long time fan of both, but MD is superior is most ways
  13. I just love Dystopia and Im thrilled MD finally won one
  14. Garth Brooks in Edmonton. Going with Wife and parents, parents are pumped.
  15. I enjoyed this in a theatre packed with Rush fans. I almost bought the blu ray today, thinking how much I want my wife and friends to see it. But then I thought that it would just make me too sad to see it again, or over and over. Not sure I'm ready yet. It was powerful enough in a packed theatre.
  16. So when this album came I was in a period when my fandom for Rush was down to a modest level. I didn't listen to the album much when it was new at all, didn't click right off the bad. I always liked far cry and MMB from watching the live blu ray over time, but even seeing the show in 08 I just remember selfishly wanting them to get to Red Barchetta to air drum with my buddies. Anyways 9 years later, or almost 10, I am making an effort to revisit some of these works. After seeing TSS doc in theatres I noticed a shop here had S A vinyl for a great price, and also Presto, but that's another story. This is a quality pressing. Flat, heavy, centered. Pretty well mastered for a modern ablum. I'm really glad I picked this up. It's a fantastic album. The first disc is so good I had a hard time moving onto disc 2. This studio version of Far Cry is amazing. I'm enjoying this one more than Presto which is also on my "I'm not into that one" list, despite loving RTB right off the bat.
  17. I was always aware of ST but wasn't really into them. I have a friend that was always really into them. That Megadeth tour really opened my eyes. I went it very pumped for Megadeth with Chris Adler and and Dave Lombardo in a band I've never been big on. Their set blew me away. DOn't get me wrong I absolutely loved the headliners set, but a week after the show I was still telling all my buddies about the ST set from that night
  18. Hi, I know this not may be usual listening for the Rush crowd. I just picked this one up on limited edition Blue Vinyl and really enjoying it. I'm a huge Dave Lombardo and was thrilled when he joined ST a week before seeing them in March. He brings so much to this band. The album sounds fantastic, like great dynamic range for a modern heavy album. If your a fan of Lombardo or some great shredding I suggest giving "World Gone Mad" a listen
  19. I should also that my showing here, one of 3 I believe in Edmonton, there were maybe only a coupe, 2-3-4 empty seats
  20. Just got home from Edmonton screening. Just awesome on so many levels. Thankful I took the time to go see it in a packed auditorium with many best friends I don't know that share my love for this band. We laughed together and choked up together. I never released those Red coverall guys in the front row on Clockwork Angels could be hardcores on the road, it appears Arkansas by the Razorbacks patches. Hats off to those fine gents. I wish I could have been at the last show all the time, but I am still incredibly thankful for the fact the tour did happen and that I was able to see it one spectacular night in Calgary. Definitely still a little choked up.
  21. I was probably never as big a fan of 2112 album because the title track just sounds a bit too sterile and clean for a true rock epic but on ATWAS version is just so raw.
  22. Hi Guys, just wanted to share this with you. So I've been a Rush fan for about 20 years now. I've purchased all the studio albums and all the commercially available Live material(2002 and later as it's come out, and then slowly collecting older material) and for some reason, maybe because the library is so large I just never got ATWAS. I think it was probably because I thought that album wasn't "needed because of ESL". I still love ESL, but it incredibly polished. Fast forward all these years and I see a Ex Cond copy of the double LP in my record store, having recently got into vinyl. I am blown away by the raw sound of this near 40 year old gem. The only problem is I keep turning it louder and louder. I can't believe what I have been missing out on. So this proves that even after this many years of being a Rush fan I can still find something to peak my interest and love of the band again. This certainly captures an era of the band approaching their creative peak.
  23. So funny to see this pop up. I was never a fan of this song through life. Now my wife who is a casual fan found this song and is into Lord of the Rings type stuff and she absolutely loves it
  24. I picked up the BRD CD set yesterday morning. I did not get the oppritunity to watch it until late last night but I enjoyed the CD's in my work truck during the day. I was very impressed with the mix and overall sounds. Between the wheels guitar sound is not as hot and crunchy as the S&A show, but I guess you can't win them all. I didn't get to watch the whole thing yet, but so far I am very impressed with the mix in DTS HD, the video, the choice of camera angels. STill a little too much from the crowd shots for my liking but when you watch Xanadu how can you complain. I will say this is the best Rush Blu Ray yet and I will enjoy it for years to come.
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