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  1. He was great. May he RIP. My faves include I ain't gonna piss in no jar Mushroom maniac Stuffing Martha's muffin
  2. If you have yet to try hot honey it's killer. Mike's hot honey is awesome. I love it on pizza. Or dry roasted or Spanish peanuts.
  3. Indeed and they have always been shrewd businessmen. It is funny that the sponsor who represents retired people is pimping those who are older than most of their members.
  4. Saw them open for rush on the PW tour. I was 13. Battle scar is a killer tune.
  5. Brought to you by AARP! Yikes and lol.
  6. If I were to name one worst beer it's bud light. I found the controversy about it quite funny. I see more bud light cans littering the backroads than anything else. Pretty sure we did this thread years ago and I defended the virtues of Genesee cream ale! Lol. What about chafer aka schaefer? Milwaukee beast?
  7. The cheaper the beer, the colder it must be. I like most beer styles except for scotch ales and top fermented beers like Chimay.
  8. Molson Brador is the king of malt liquors imo.
  9. Steinlager sounds German but is brewed in New Zealand.
  10. Old school. I got into DT during the images and words era but did not hear wdadu until later. Would of been cool to have learned of them earlier. Seeing them open for Morrilton? Sweet
  11. Isn't that what finish what you started is about?
  12. Yeah, Kevin Moore leaving soon after me getting into DT was a bummer. Great talent. I like Derek and in particular ACOS. Dereks solo work is great as well. Jordan was a step up and I love LTE as much as early DT. I am glad that Mike is back in the band. He was always my favorite member.
  13. Perhaps brown to match his nose! Lol and lose the nose ring while you are at it
  14. If this topic does not bring Earl out hibernation nothing will...
  15. Two major omissions for sure. Although animals as leaders never took off like I thought they would, they are still great. I think the guys in Polyphia are the most best in the game for instrumental guitars at the moment.
  16. He writes about music quite well, I wonder how his dancing about architecture is coming along.....
  17. And yeah, it's all about money. Give the fans what they want. Hopefully Mike will take over setlist duties again. The varied setlist was set them apart from most bands.
  18. Good. I always thought this would occur. Portnoy and Petrucci have a very special chemistry imo. Better when combined together.
  19. So was the space he invades a reference to space invaders?
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