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    September 11 2012: Having a crew member hand-deliver a pair of drumsticks from the Professor to me.
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  1. Wait a minute!!! I didn't get any pie!!! DAMNIT! Everybody else got some. It seems like I'm always the one to miss out on getting pie. :(
  2. Front row, right in front of Alex. Clockwork Angels Tour. 9/11/12 Pittsburgh, PA. Consol Energy Center.
  3. 2nd row you should be ejected for not standing and moving your body. Holy shit that's f*cked up. Exactly. BTW, I forgot to mention that even after I was told this, I proceeded to rock out. I just turned the dial from 11 back to 10 is all. :)
  4. And another f***ing thing: the guy who said that to me last night had a f***ing camera in his hands half the damn night. So let me guess: he couldn't have a rock n roller ruining his or other people's fancy schmancy pictures. Because everybody knows that you go to concerts to take pictures and not to rock out.
  5. Yeah, I mean, when I say "old," I'm not necessarily referring to physical age, but rather, the mindset of these people. So I hope nobody thinks I'm knocking on older people in general with my statement. But y'know what? If anything here needs to be considered a sin, it should be telling people to "calm down" or "sit down" at a damn concert!!!
  6. I dunno. I guess standing is okay, but apparently rocking out by banging your head and pumping your fists is a sin because I was just told that I'm pissing everybody behind me off. BTW, I'm 2nd row on the floor and was told this. Jeez, people are f***ing old!!!
  7. Ahh... I never considered that. Maybe I'm not screwed. Maybe going to concerts alone does and will pay off!!!! (leaving alone, on the other hand, sucks :( )
  8. Perfect. I'd finally get to hear "Open Secrets," "Dog Years," and "Virtuality!" :D
  9. Uh oh. I bought during the presale over a slow internet connection and didn't complete the transaction until a few seconds after 12:03. I'm gonna get row 15 in Baltimore :cry:
  10. Prince of Tyrus: did you buy the vip tix during the presale which required the password or during the regular sale?
  11. Has anybody had any success in say, mailing one item to one venue and mailing another item to another venue and getting both items signed that way? I don't think that they'd memorize the return names and addresses for every item they get.
  12. ***SPOILER ALERT***** I understand how a lot of people in this thread feel about the "good seats" being blocked off for VIP seats that cost a lot more than face value. I've dealt with it so many times since 2008 when I first started going to concerts, but the days of being able to get a good seat at face value were already gone by then. It's too bad that Rush doesn't really run their own fan club presale in which, say, if you're a paying member of the fan club, you get e-mailed a unique code that you can use to buy a GREAT seat at face value, none of this bullshit where you do a presale just to get row 30 or some bullshit. But hell, I went the VIP Nation route, so maybe I'm somewhat of a hypocrite, maybe. But hey, Mika, maybe there will be more hardcore fans in those up front seats this time around since the presales started so early and only people that check out RIAB (and maybe a few other Rush dedicated websites) were really the only people who got the password and cared enough about Rush to spend their money like that. Although, I'm definitely not saying that just because somebody may not have had the money at the time that that means that they're not a true fan. That's not what I meant at all. And don't worry, not all of us VIP buyers are casual fans who only know one or two Rush songs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veEVe1XQYw0&list=PL1VWSqpym91pEH2p_8ThH5eAX31l8EJdQ (I'm guy giving the horns and jumping around at times ;) )
  13. HA! I wish everyone good luck on their quest to score some female Rush tail. Thanks. I'm definitely going to need it. "The point of the journey is not to arrive" The above quote/lyric always comes to mind when I think about my (non) adventures with women. :/
  14. I finished at 12:02 for Pittsburgh last year and got front row. I guess it depends on your city, but you should be fine.
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