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  1. Just listened. I have to admit, it's very, very feint, but it's there. I hear it at the 4:03 and then again at 4:16. Then again, I hear a deep sigh on "presto" right near the musical bridge connecting the first two verses. Right before GED sings "an evening plane". I think it's the 0:38 second mark.
  2. It's quite possible that with all the strings on this cd that logistically it may be better for the 3 of them as performers to have a live string section. Maybe triggering all of that would be to suffocating or to difficult timing wise. I think that's probably what they are considering now. Do I have to continually stand in this spot to keep triggering this and that? Is it feasible to try to trigger that section while I'm singing this part or trying to play that riff?
  3. This song is growing on me. It's a little "pop" but, IDK, it has a different vibe. It reminds me of Superconductor or Neurotica for some reason. I hated those songs when their albums came out but they grew on me over time. Now that I've given it a few listens (and believe me - I had to push myself to do it), I'm actually starting to dig it...
  4. I hear it on my CD and also off my Iphone. Right at the 7:27 mark of the song "clockwork angels" - there's a little whisper that says, "What do you lack?" Do you hear it now?
  5. dtpoet

    The Garden

    QUOTE There are a few of us!!! I'm in there a few more times but that moment is by far the most humiliating (and special to me)! wub.gif Awesome!!!! I wouldn't worry about that shot, Kel. The guy in black to your left looks even more ridiculous when you freeze frame it. LOL! Ohio? Graduated from Mount Union not to far from Cleveland. Grew up and am still on the east coast, but I absolutely love Ohio.
  6. Really? No one else thinks they might split CA in half? If they are going to play all 12, it makes sense to me to split. The end song to Set One doesn't have to rock. It just has to build anticipation for Set Two. I think SCoG would be a rocking first song for the second set. It is set up perfectly for some sort of "theatre" leading intro. Maybe even a quick "cartoon" montage of the 6 previous songs meant for a visual context, then a short lead in to SCoG. This leaves room to play an even number of songs before and after CA is concluded. Just think it would be a nice balance... <back into my hole int he ground>
  7. I didn't have to go into until 2pm and trekking into town is a bit of haul, but I figured if I wanted until the afternoon, I might have screwed myself. Went to my WalMart at 9am. They had two copies. Well - only one now...
  8. FIRST SET Spirit of Radio Limelight Cut to the Chase The Way the Wind Blows Driven Secret Touch Caravan BU2B Clockwork Angels The Anarcist Carnies Halo Effect SECOND SET Seven Cities of Gold The Wreckers Headlong Flight BU2B2 Wish Them Well The Garden New World Man Red Sector A Middletown Dreams Lock N Key Drum Solo 2112: overture, temples, finale ENCORE (portions of the following) Xanadu Beneath, Between, Behind In the Mood
  9. dtpoet

    New Nick R Interview

    I read that last line about wht a wrecker actually is and went, "Ooohhhhhhhhhhhh. That makes so much more sense now." lol!
  10. First run through. Plenty of time to rethink it. I'm not in love with it but it's my initial reaction... FIRST SET Spirit of Radio Limelight Cut to the Chase The Way the Wind Blows Driven Secret Touch Caravan BU2B Clockwork Angels The Anarcist Carnies Halo Effect SECOND SET Seven Cities of Gold The Wreckers Headlong Flight BU2B2 Wish Them Well The Garden New World Man Red Sector A Manhattan Project or Middletown Dreams Prime Mover or Lock N Key Drum Solo 2112: overture, temples, finale ENCORE (portions of the following) Xanadu Beneath, Between, Behind In the Mood
  11. It wouldn't shock me for them to end the first set with first 6 songs and begin the second set with final 6. Seven Cities Of Gold would serve well to kick off the second set.
  12. Where is that setlist survey site? Thanks in advance
  13. dtpoet

    The Garden

    QUOTE True, I've never really thought about it but I'm 44 and I kind of wonder where I fall in comparison to the average age of fans here. I know we have some really young ones and that's awesome. And there have to be many that are older than me but I still get the feeling sometimes that I'm getting.... I still feel like I'm 21 inside but every now and then I'm slapped in the face with reality. Same - 44. There are moments int he day when I feel 24, like when a cute girl walks by or when I'm coaching on the ballfield. Other moments, I feel like 64, when my knee reminds me that it needs its own tending or when I see a senior and wonder how I will be in that seemingly near future. For me, it's the entire structure of the song is perfect. The piano floored me. Then Alex's solo crushed me. Such emotion; raw and precious. I also had a moment with the very last note when I chuckled thinking that a classic Rush song's last note after an hour of music is from a cello? which obviously wouldn't be played by one of them. I found that funny - kind of luck "it's not about us. It's about the music as a whole."
  14. dtpoet

    The Garden

    I'm not judging or saying you're wrong. I think you would say the same. I've always been a huge fan of the ballads whether it's "tears" or "madrigal" or "losing it" or "resist". It's the emotion not only in words and music, but the melodies and the harmonies. For me, The Garden blends all of the ballads they have created over the decades into one, sweet, passionate song. It's also personal. I posted this elsewhere, but 3 months ago, my brother was diagnosed with cancer. This past Friday, we were told he may have a week or two left. So to me, this song in all it's components, means a lot to me right now.
  15. Oh and just to add to the earlier discussion...I can see the first 6 songs ending the first set and final 6 songs startings the second set. That's my gut feeling...
  16. Getting my first listen. (I can like you all again) Due to some personal circumstances, I just had to go The Garden first. Man. Whew. I'm the youngest, mid-40s, and they just told us on Friday that my brother's 3 month ordeal with cancer may be coming to an end soon - yes - that end. That's the reason I had to go there first. Have a feeling that over the next few weeks, I'm going to need that song.... I also really really The Wreckers. Guess I'm an "Available Light" kind of guy. That song, especially the chorus, just grabbed me. Will listen to rest slowly but surely, probably later tonight but those are the first two that have meaning for me tonight....
  17. UGH! Worked until 4pm. Raced home - only to find the leak - well - plugged. So basically - I hate you all. JK. I've managed to get a few poor quality copies from - er - a "community" site just before the PLUMBERS posted this; "Rush - The Wreckers. This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Warner Music Group." Man, am I disappointed. I was jazzed all day. Been a Rush fan since the 8th grade (1981) and I haven't been so excited about a release in a very long time. I know. I know. It will only be a week more. But knowing that others beat the plumbers to the plungers - kind of sucks. Kind of like standing outside in the bushes, watching through the living room window while your family and friends celebrate at your birthday party. UGH!
  18. dtpoet


    Just listened!! At Work!!! Freakin Amazing!!! Got to go before I get caught!!!! Did I say - Freakin' Amazing!! Ok - here comes the boss. Going now. FREAKIN ----- LOL
  19. NONE I have to work at 7am. I'm in a rural area so my local Wal-Mart better have the damn cd or I might become violently ill and have to go <cough-cough> home due to a sudden and unexplanable illness!!!! If they have it, then I'll have about 45 minutes to listen to as much as of it as I can and making a run through McDonald's would eat into that time.
  20. Honestly, it's not all about us. It's about them as well. They have been performing on tours for almost 40 years. Would it really hurt that much for you to listen to a few songs that perhaps they have never performed live like Losin' It or to hear Manhattan Project with a live strings or listen to a variation of another song? I don't think anyone is saying the whole show would be with strings. Just a small portion, probably after the CA segment is done. If they want to try something different, then I'm along for the ride. That willingness to be different, to experiment, is why I'm still on the journey that started in 1981. I don't want to hear the same old songs. Closer to the Heart ? Yawn. Closer to the Heart with a string arrangement mixed in some how? Now you've got my attention. In fact I remember when they first started doing that little jam at the end of Closer to the Heart. It was awesome. Why? Because it was different, fresh, fun. When I go to a show, I want to hear things; songs, sounds, arrangements, that I haven't heard before live. Tom Sawyer. Ugh. Not again.
  21. Prime Mover has as many votes as 7 of the songs combined. Sweet.
  22. I'm still hoping for a live string section to play with them so if that's the case then I would vote for some modified version of Resist. It's one of my top 3 favorites. The acoustic version has been done. The studio version wouldn't do anything for anyone live. However, a modified orchestra version might do the trick. Other than that, I'd love to hear Totem, although the last third of the song is weak. Driven was cool but it's been done.
  23. I love both Middletown Dreams and Emotion Detector and as much as I would love to ED, I have to be realistic. Why Middletown Dreams? Geesh - why the hell not!? It's the story, the message, and the way Ged belts "They dream in..." that has always drawn me back to that song.
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