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  1. QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE I think the only songs they'll do with strings are the songs that have strings in them to begin with. They're not gonna add strings to songs that didn't originally have them. This isn't the Symphony & Rush tour, it's still a regular rock tour like they've always done. QUOTE The only song I potentially see them adding strings to is Closer To The Heart. They have done everything else to this song including adding a jam at the end, alex playing the opening on an electric instead of an acoustic, etc. They might take the "risk" again with this song by adding strings to it. QUOTE great point and I agree. The band has all but said they're totally sick of playing this, but it's a stable that the casual fans really want, so adding some strings to it might make it much more interesting for Rush and appease the fans That's exactly what I'm thinking, LMTA. I have heard those statements as well. I would dare to say it was a factor to include strings on the tour in the first place. At some point a decision was in the balance. Naturally, you weigh the pros and cons. I think a CTTH arrangement with strings was enticing enough for them to add it to the pro list.
  2. QUOTE If there are only 15 tours how was TSoR played 16 times? Lol. Yea, I was hoping someone wouldn't catch that. Lol. Basically, I tried to compress data from HTML to excel, then delete all the baggage. I think there was a tour where they started SOR, medleyed it with others, and then concluded with SOR. Hence it was listed twice. I'm going to check now. Yes, the list only starts with the MP tour. Thanks for the backup. It's 15. RTB. Encore started and ended with SOR.
  3. I went through all the tours since Moving Pictures. I excluded any so called "warm-up" mini tours. I included songs that were (a) either played partially as in a medley and ( songs that were played for only a portion of a tour. I only included original studio songs. There have been 15 tours in this time span. 385 total songs played. RUSH Finding My Way 3 Need Some Love 0 Take a Friend 0 Here Again 0 What You're Doing 0 In the Mood 7 Before and After 0 Working Man 5 FLY BY NIGHT "Anthem" 2 "Best I Can" 0 "Beneath, Between & Behind" 2 "By-Tor & the Snow Dog 4 "Fly by Night" 0 "Making Memories" 0 "Rivendell" 0 "In the End" 2 CARESS OF STEEL Bastille Day 1 2112 Overture 12 The Temples of Syrinx 11 Discovery 1 Presentation 1 Oracle: The Dream 1 Soliloquy 1 Grand Finale 4 A Passage to Bangkok 3 The Twilight Zone 0 Lessons 0 Tears 0 Something for Nothing 0 FAREWELL TO KINGS "A Farewell to Kings" 0 "Xanadu" 7 "Closer to the Heart" 13 "Cinderella Man" 0 "Madrigal" 0 "Cygnus X-1 Book I: 5 HEMISPHERES I: "Prelude" 4 II: "Apollo" 0 III: "Dionysus" 0 IV: "Armageddon" 2 V: "Cygnus" 0 VI: "The Sphere" 0 Circumstances 1 The Trees 10 La Villa Strangiato 9 PERMANENT WAVES The Spirit of Radio 15 Freewill 10 Jacob's Ladder 0 Entre Nous 1 Different Strings 0 Natural Science 5 MOVING PICTURES "Tom Sawyer" 15 "Red Barchetta" 10 "YYZ" 14 "Limelight" 13 "The Camera Eye" 4 "Witch Hunt" 5 "Vital Signs" 7 SIGNALS "Subdivisions" 12 "The Analog Kid" 3 "Chemistry" 1 "Digital Man" 3 "The Weapon" (Part II of Fear) 2 "New World Man" 4 "Losing It" 0 "Countdown" 1 GRACE UNDER PRESSURE "Distant Early Warning" 7 "Afterimage" 1 "Red Sector A" 6 "The Enemy Within" 1 "The Body Electric" 1 "Kid Gloves" 1 "Red Lenses" 3 "Between the Wheels" 4 POWERWINDOWS "The Big Money" 6 "Grand Designs" 1 "Manhattan Project" 3 "Marathon" 4 "Territories" 2 "Middletown Dreams" 1 "Emotion Detector" 0 "Mystic Rhythms" 3 HOLD YOUR FIRE "Force Ten" 6 "Time Stand Still" 5 "Open Secrets" 0 "Second Nature" 0 "Prime Mover" 1 "Lock and Key" 1 "Mission" 4 "Turn the Page" 1 "Tai Shan" 0 "High Water" 0 PRESTO "Show Don't Tell" 3 "Chain Lightning" 0 "The Pass" 3 "War Paint" 1 "Scars" 1 "Presto" 1 "Superconductor" 2 "Anagram (for Mongo)" 0 "Red Tide" 0 "Hand Over Fist" 0 "Available Light" 0 ROLL THE BONES Dreamline 7 Bravado 4 Roll the Bones 5 Face Up 0 Where's My Thing 1 The Big Wheel 0 Heresy 0 Ghost of a Chance 2 Neurotica 0 You Bet Your Life 0 COUNTERPARTS "Animate" 3 "Stick It Out" 3 "Cut To The Chase" 0 "Nobody's Hero" 2 "Between Sun & Moon" 1 "Alien Shore" 0 "The Speed Of Love" 0 "Double Agent" 1 "Leave That Thing Alone" (instrumental) 4 "Cold Fire" 1 "Everyday Glory" 0 TEST FOR ECHO Test for Echo 1 Driven 2 Half the World 1 The Color of Right 0 Time and Motion 1 Totem 0 Dog Years 0 Virtuality 1 Resist 3 Limbo 1 Carve Away the Stone 0 VAPOR TRAILS "One Little Victory" 4 "Ceiling Unlimited" 1 "Ghost Rider" 1 "Peaceable Kingdom" 0 "The Stars Look Down" 0 "How It Is" 0 "Vapor Trail" 0 "Secret Touch" 3 "Earthshine" 2 "Sweet Miracle" 0 "Nocturne" 0 "Freeze (Part IV of 'Fear')" 0 "Out Of The Cradle" 0 SNAKES AND ARROWS "Far Cry" 3 "Armor and Sword" 1 "Workin' Them Angels" 3 "The Larger Bowl (A Pantoum)" 2 "Spindrift" 2 "The Main Monkey Business" 2 "The Way the Wind Blows" 2 "Hope" 2 "Faithless" 1 "Bravest Face" 0 "Good News First" 0 "Malignant Narcissism" 2 "We Hold On" 0 CLOCKWORK ANGELS Caravan 1 BU2B 1
  4. QUOTE I think the only songs they'll do with strings are the songs that have strings in them to begin with. They're not gonna add strings to songs that didn't originally have them. This isn't the Symphony & Rush tour, it's still a regular rock tour like they've always done. The only song I potentially see them adding strings to is Closer To The Heart. They have done everything else to this song including adding a jam at the end, alex playing the opening on an electric instead of an acoustic, etc. They might take the "risk" again with this song by adding strings to it.
  5. It's a far cry but time stands still for now. I do think that when the grand design is revealed - presto - it will be force ten around here.
  6. I'm predicting Subdivisions, Analog Kid, Losin' it, and New World Man
  7. Prediction 4 SET 1 Far Cry Spirit of Radio Show Don't Tell Driven Kid Gloves YYZ Subdivisions The Analog Kid New World Man Losin' It Animate Jacob's Ladder SET 2 Caravan BU2B Clockwork Angels The Anarchist Carnies Seven Cities of Gold The Wreckers Headlong Flight (drum solo aka ESL) The Garden Closer to the Heart (strings included) Tom Sawyer ENCORE Limelight "classics medley" - 2112 - Overture 2112 - Temples of Syrinx Xanadu La Villa
  8. LMTA - how reliable is your source? Just curious. I actually wouldn't mind some of those like AK and KG - two of my favorites from those. 4 Signal songs. Seems like a lot fo the synth era is MIA.
  9. I interpreted Neil's comment to mean that it was a difficult song for him to play - not that he hates the song or thinks it's a bad song. It would be for that reason, difficult and challenging, that WTW would make it on the list. JMHO.
  10. TFT is a nice, novel idea, but isn't it way too much music space to take up? They also already ran that sequence in the P/G tour, minus Freeze of course - but isn't also possible that Freeze got the subtitle as a joke of sorts aka "Gangster of Boat Trilogy"?
  11. Can someone please provide a link? I can't find it on RIAB - although I am at work and can only quickly scan for such things....
  12. I smell a conspiracy (I forget the actual term for it)!!! I think false leaks are being issued to muddle the truth if it does appear somewhere. I can't imagine they wouldnt play caravan and BU2B. That's like starting on chapter 5 of a 20 chapter book. Who does that? I can't imagine 5 MPs make it either considering they played all of them on the TMT. Geesh if the logic is that Caravan and BU2B were "thoroughly covered", what about all of MP? I smell something fishy and I ain't near the ocean folks..... And where is on RIAB? I couldn't find it.
  13. - I think JL is a lock. - They just did Marathon, so my guess is Manhattan Project. - If they do add a string arrangement to any song, it would be CTTH - I mean they've done everything else to that song for a live performance so why not take this opportunity. I can actually see it being the last song of the set that requires the string section, maybe a little jam with them to wrap up their session. Just thinking outloud. - as much as I want PM, LnK is a perfect string song live. - I predict the first set does not have strings until they play the first 5 songs of CA to wrap up the set. The added musicians will take their positions while a video segment is playing so that crowd is distracted. They will begin the 2nd set which will be 5 "2nd side" songs of CA, stay for a handful of older songs and depart just before the drum solo. - CA songs excluded - HE & BU2B2. - Some form of Xanadu will appear. If I recall, it has double necks - if that still is aviable theory. That's all I can think of for now....
  14. I'm thinking a version of some sort right after the drum solo aka Resist. I can't see them playing the entire song. With that said, I never thought they would do Presto in concert either.
  15. Just curious how you got an advance copy? I believe you and all, just jealous
  16. Okay - SETLIST PREDICTION #2 1. Spirit of Radio 2. Limelight 3. Driven 4. Cut To The Chase 5. Ghost Rider 6. The Way The Wind Blows 7. Roll The Bones 8. Subdivisions 9. Caravan 10. BU2B 11. Clockwork Angels 12. The Anarchist 13. Carnies Intermission 14. Seven Cities of Gold 15. The Wreckers 16. Headlong Flight 17. The Garden 18. Jacob's Ladder 19. The Trees 20. New World Man 21 Distant Early Warning 22. Manhattan Project 23. Lock and Key 24. Drum Solo 25. Losin' it (some sort of version of) 26. 2112 medley - Overture, Temples, Finale 27. Tom Sawyer Encore 28. Xanadu 29. Beneath, Between, Behind or Bastille Day 30. Finding My Way
  17. I think my point is being misunderstood. First, I am not comparing CA to MP. It can't be done as they were born from two completely different eras for Rush themselves. However, I remember the sense of awe, the satisfaction and the intrigue of being a young man and hearing something like MP. It completely turned my view of music upside down. So now some 30+ years later when my teenager tells me what he said in the OP, I was curious if other dads or uncles had heard anything similar. Again, as a whole, you can't compare the 2
  18. I should add that his friends' dads aren't necessarily Rush fans so his friends are not being influenced by their parents. That doesn't change anything really and I'm not trying to make my point "right". I am very curious what others is experiencing.
  19. I thought about this last night. I picked up my 16 year old from his summer job yesterday and as I was blast...er...playing CA, he said to me "Dad, a lot of my friends are loving this new cd!" First, that's awesome. Second, it got me thinking that maybe CA is to this generation what albums like MP, Sig, and GUP were to my mine. I got turned on to Rush with MP at the age of 13. Through those high school years, my passion for the band grew with the release of Signals, GUP, and finally in my senior year, PW. My first concert was GUP. I was curious if any other moms or dads are having a similar experience with CA?
  20. 4 months ago, it was discovered that one of my brothers had cancer. More troubling was learning that it had already spread from its origin. Since then, it early on became a matter of trying to control. Curing it wasn't an option. Knowing the story behind "Clockwork Angels" and then learning that the final song was entitled "The Garden", I figured that song was going to be special - for me personally anyway. I wasn't sure how or in what way, but I did anticipate that when the time came, it would help me in the mourning process. Prior to June 12, when "the leak" came out, despite my best efforts, I failed in my attempt to listen to the album from beginning to end. I gravitated directly to song #12. Again and again. When I first heard the piano - well - I felt my heart skip a beat, my stomach tighten, tears forming. My routine in June became leaving work and then heading to the nursing home or vice versa. Rick was slowly leaving us. At times his thoughts were clear. Towards the end, they became random, recalling his life's events through a series of delusions and wakeful dreams. Mostly, he slept, but even then you could see a lifetime struggling its way through to some peaceful resolution. When I drove to or from the nursing home, the first song I would usually play was The Garden. Once was usually enough to help with my perspective. Occasionally, especially on a bad day, twice was necessary. There is something about the lyrics and the way Geddy gracefully sings them. Something about the melody that is soothing. The acoustic chords. I'd even find myself lost in the drum pattern from time to time. Then of course, that damn piano - so eloquent. On Friday morning, June 29th, around 8am, my brother passed. Since then, I have maybe listened to the song once. Puzzled, I stopped to think this morning about why only once. It didn't take long for me to discover the answer. You see, the song I thought was going to help me mourn after Rick passed - well - it had already helped me in that process on those everyday rides to see him these past weeks. Thank you Geddy and Alex for such a beautiful melody. Thank you Neil for such poignant words. "In the fullness of time, a garden to nurture and protect"
  21. 9/29/84. G/P tour or as I refer to it - "the busiest day in my life". Father got remarried in the morning, played a high school football game in the afternoon, first concert ever that night. The excitement, the chills, the awe. Never will forget that day.
  22. dtpoet

    CA and MFH?

    That was my initial thought since i first heard it. I don't have many listens of "victor" but I thought this might be like MFH meets Victor. I love MFH.
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