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  1. Bob, is that you hiding behind the name of Tom?
  2. Led rush, a little rude don't you think? FOH Lights has proven that his sources over the years are reliable and accurate.
  3. Lorraine, I contend (and hope) that it's random, that there isn't a set rotation.
  4. <quote> line the last 6 pages of this thread.</quote> And I'm wondering why I am having second thoughts about periscoping the NJ show.....
  5. They might if they play YYZ in the 2nd slot which is shorter than Red Barch or TCE
  6. Nice list. I think we'll see Headlong Flight opening the show. I thought of that. Maybe LaVilla replaces Cygnus. I just can't let go of the fact that since February, I've been thinking that the Trees and CTTH would swap in and out.
  7. I think we continue the string of never before played or it's been 30 since we played songs CTTC. Since YYZ is shorter than RED batch or TCE, it allows them to use that time on Natural a Science instead of swapping JL for NS Clockwork Angels Anarchist Headlong Flight Far Cry MMB Cut To The Chase Animate Roll The Bones The Big Money Subdivision Tom Sawyer YYZ Natural Science Jacob's Ladder Prelude Cygnus The Trees Xanadu 2112 Return of the Prince Beneath, Between, Behind In The Mood Working Man
  8. This is the 1st time in HISTORY anyone is able to watch a concert live that they are not at. Do you not understand how cool that is?? If you do not like the technology, don't watch. As for people commenting, the 1st show people called the filmer Santa, it's expected. Especially in here. Busting balls is to be expected. Multiple people comment on the song title, then other things, it's a long night. Lighten up Francis.... So First if all - Bob is real as his girlfriend. Bob was the guy periscoping and his girlfriend, well depending on who comments here, was present at the concert. Let's leave it at that. I am so blown away by periscope! The 67 year old in me thinks is can get boring and the constant lag is super annoying. The 27 year old in me is stoked that I can sit here in the northeast, in the comforts of my "evening attire" (moccasins included) and watch a live performance of my favorite band! Wicked! As for the OP, I can only imagine (since I was only virtually there and watching in the distance when the camera wasn't on Bobs girlfriend) that the pounding of the head and the shouts to off stage was more of a "why aren't we playing more New Jersey/New York instead of this no where Hicksville" than anything. Oh - and "Mooooooo".
  9. Atticus, I suggest you make a playlist of all the songs they perform and play it for the young listeners when you can; in the car, etc. it may help them become more familiar with the songs.
  10. So we scrambled and found bob at the last minute last night. I thought maybe we could create a sign up sheet, hashtag a link to it on twitter, and get people to sign up to be the one to periscope it instead of praying we can find someone at the last minute (and prevent Tombstone M from selling his soul or offering "favors" to complete strangers). So here are the dates for the remaining first leg. Sign up if you will be the sailor to periscope for us land lovers. Put your twitter name next to date by quoting this message and editing in your name. If there is more than one person for a date, maybe those people can work out a first half/second half to save their batteries. Just an idea but maybe crazy enough to work. 5/12 ST. PAUL 5/14 ST. LOUIS 5/16 AUSTIN 5/18 DALLAS 5/20 HOUSTON 5/22 NO 5/24 TAMPA 5/26 ATLANTA 5/28 GREENSBORO 5/30 BRISTOW
  11. Unreal, right? If u aren't happy with this set, you're a dou^*#bag, but...
  12. Neither. I prefer it to be random. Mt show isn't until June 27. If by then I still don't know exactly what I'm going to see, that was be so awesome. I think they should just shake it up each night, within the chronological structure they already have established.
  13. I'm a self proclaimed setlist making junkie. I made over 25 setlist predictions between January and May. It's fun, challenging, and intriguing. It's my crossword/sudoku/jigsaw puzzle fix. In my wildest of imaginations, I never dreamed they would ever, ever, play How It Is. It's in my top 5 songs of the modern era. I thought I had a "must-see" in Jacob's Ladder, but now, well, the bar has been raised. What's next? Cut to The Chase?
  14. Or we can simply find the next person for Tuesday's show....If we can find someone in Nebraska, we can find someone anywhere.
  15. Can the person periscoping comment as well? If they can, then it should become protocol to text your battery life every once in a while. Like "down to 30%". Hey, it's a new tool so.....
  16. I think the sets will randomly interchange on a show to show basis so no matter which show you go to, you won't know what songs you're getting
  17. It's called a roto dial, it always goes back to same spot so they know where to begin
  18. I'm going through the twitter feed of #R40LNK and if I see someone who is there, I'm asking them to periscope.
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