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  1. Love this song, favorite off of counterparts which i think is a VERY underrated album around here.
  2. Lock and key (ASOH LD) A passage to Bangkok (S&A)
  3. Absolutely a great show. I saw them in Columbus and got set A. Drove all the way out to Denver to see them one more time and got Set c which is the best out of them all. Geddys vocals were much stronger on this show than in Columbus as well.
  4. Currently at a bar close to the pepsi center will be at the show but with poor seats
  5. I don't recall that part- graphs of music...was it sheet music? Could have been he was studying a change in time signature, or the breakdown of notes in a riff from one measure to the next...I don't know. It was recorded audio for Malignant narcissism that geddy and neil recorded while Alex was dealing with his legal trouble. Alex came in and listened to the recordings and inserted his guitar parts as he thought necessary..kinda sucks imo because if he were at the studio i think the guitar track wouldve been better than what is released
  6. drive safe. Thank you. Me and a buddy will be alternating turns driving. Should be a fun trip
  7. Im traveling from northern Ky to Denver to see this show..solid 19 hour drive
  8. I was thinkin about doin this same thing..but I thought id give it a try and actually rank them..now i feel like I slighted a few very good records
  9. Im gonna try to do this... 1. Permanent Waves 2. Moving pictures 3. Hemispheres 4. 2112 5. clockwork angels 6. Grace under pressure 7. Signals 8. A Farewell to Kings 9. Power windows 10. Snakes and arrows 11. Counterparts 12. Vapor trails 13. Presto 14. Test for echo 15. Roll the bones 16. Hold your fire 17. Fly by night 18. Caress of steel 19. Rush This was so much harder than I thought it would be..
  10. Turn the Page ( ASOH ) Test for echo (DS)
  11. Turn the page (ASOH) Mystic Rhythms (ASOH)
  12. My vote would be Hold your fire and or Presto.
  13. Xanadu (ESL) YYZ/Temples of Syrinx/Tom Sawyer medley (GUP)
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