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  1. It took me a half hour to read this thread on my phone and the only thing I came away with was the theme from Soap in my head and a very disturbing drum visual from Rod.
  2. Sweeeeeettttt! Did you get the 3-D glasses? Well, duh ... to put on my early 80's Valley (of the Sun) Girl attitude. ;) One lens was completely opaque black and the other lens was a slightly darker shade of black and sightly more opaque.
  3. Someone else mentioned the Signals baseball shirt in another thread just yesterday. My brother got one from that tour, too. :D My brother took mine too. It was a T that shrunk up to a little tiny shirt on first wash and dry. I was pretty bummed. :( My brother took it and cut the sleeves off and then it disappeared years ago. He replaced it with the 3/4 sleeve baseball T (with a Houston mark, iirc) but it never fit and I don't know what happened to that one either. My oldest shirt is RTB and it's pretty ... old. I've saved every concert ticket stub from every concert I've ever seen. I used the Rush collage ones in my signature during the R40 tour (thanks, treeduck :) :hi: ) Back to Cylons now, and balance is restored ... all of this has happened before ... http://i1277.photobucket.com/albums/y487/CygnusGal/tickets%20collage%20-%20smaller_zps3vflchfc.jpg
  4. 02/24/1983 - Signals - Phoenix, AZ (my very first concert ever, I was 15 years old and I went with a guy who was my only friend who liked Rush... Golden Earring opened - $12.50) 06/04/1984 - Grace Under Pressure - Phoenix, AZ (I went with a co-worker who didn't speak English. He loved Rush though - Rush speaks Universal! - $13.50) Ahh, good times... :)
  5. There are always street preachers for lo, the end is nigh ... :sigh: Ruled Under Satan's Hand Red pentagram is clearly satanic (... er, but it's right side up so it's more pentacle than pentagram ... shhh... ) plus the naked guy on Hemispheres :tsk: I remember some religion channel in the '80s. I can't recall the name of the preacher and his wife, but she sure wore a lot of mascara (as all of the 80s preacher ladies did - it wasn't Tammy Faye who, it turns out, was a genuinely good person, may she rest in peace). Knights In Satan's Service (they wore scary makeup), Styx was named for the river in the underworld which is bad, Alice Cooper obviously for being dead, Kansas (for some reason), and the usual Black Sabbath lambasting. Ironically, as I've started the listening to Sabbath in depth, I've come to the conclusion that they were actually a Christian rock band The greatest ever. One of my favourite Sabbath songs. :haz: http://youtu.be/X9ldb4r7vP0
  6. Lakeside Park, hands down. I'd never heard them play Lakeside Park other than on ATWAS and it was *fantastic*! What You're Doing and the Garden Road riff are tied for a close second, but Lakeside Park wins. Sublime beauty.
  7. I know a person who said she did. Her name is Stevie and she's from Austin, TX. She was at all three show I went to, plus Tom Healey and CygnusGal met her in different cities. It's possible. Well...not quite. Stevie followed the band for a while. She saw Philly and then went home (life on the road is not easy and not cheap). I'm not sure how many shows she hit after the NYC break, or if she went to KC, but I know she was in SoCal (I presume Irvine). I know LA because you sent me a photo (Alex's side before the show). I was with you and Animate in spirit that night and, in hind sight, should have planned it better to have been there in reality. For the record, I don't think this is Rush's last show. Probably the last tour though and I don't think they'll play Boston again. Number of Rush shows attended on this tour: One! And it was *awesome*! :yay:
  8. I made it to Boston to spoiler free (other than what the band *ruined* with the Xanadu trailer (! ) and I saw Anthem in this forum - yeah, yeah, I know ... spoiler expected ... I got what I deserved). In May, I went into total Rush media aversion. Spoiler free to the Boston show June 23 and I was all the better for it. :)
  9. Very well done, TM. The finest of your compositions thus far methinks.
  10. Clearly, you fail to understand the underlying premise of TRF. ;) We also split hairs about which Geddy could beat up which Geddy, the size of Alex's bald spot and the amount of contempt in which Neil hold the fans and by extension humanity. :dweez: :syrinx: :smoke: :D Boston was the best that I've seen them ... ever (24 shows over 14 tours)
  11. Yeah, most of Season 1 is like that. Yech. The quality jumps a ton as soon as the crew gets the better, non-spandex uniforms IMO. I've never had a problem with those early episodes. That's just the show trying to find its legs. The premise of Angel One was good, it just went totally sideways in the execution. I didn't mind Angel One, though it is certainly not a strong episode. I find its sins to be more forgivable than say Masks (I think the worst episode made - what the hell?!? ... it's season seven and you guys do that?!? Oh, right Berman/Bragga... :eyeroll: ) edit:typing
  12. That was a great episode, especially how they brought back Denise Crosby. and That was a great episode, especially how they brought back Denise Crosby. Which is one of the reasons Season One is so great. We see the beginning of the story line. I'm not surprised I'm in the minority about Season One and Two. I really liked The Motion Picture, although the nebula scene was very long. I think Rerushed is right about the strike (I seem to recall that too). I didn't watch TNG for years specifically because I couldn't get past the comparison to TOS. I was a rare watcher until The Inner Light, then I went back and watched the entire series (a few times). I think they relied on the comparison to draw viewers initially but it was a hard sell (I know it was to me). :cheers:
  13. I agree. That is one of my favorites. TNG was getting really strong at that point and the writing was great. I notice that misstated the Inner Light season. Per Memory Alpha: Stardate 45944 - that's late in season 5. I could have sworn it was season 6. Then again, I can't believe it was 25 years ago. :o :codger:
  14. Oh no, Season One is fantastic! They remade The Naked Time! They killed a major character (Tasha Yar)! The sets, scenery, costumes and sounds all held very closely to the original, but are updated to reflect a few decade difference. Season One was closest to Roddenberry's vision, I think. Sure you have to deal with Wesley (Weasley) - but he's not so bad really. And, I liked Dr. Pulaski (after she got off her high horse about Data). I prefer a ship doctor who challenges the captain. Dr. Beverly and Picard had this weird history and he felt all this guilt for sending Wesley's dad Jack, (Picard's best friend) to his death while he had a crush on his wife. I think Crusher was good, but Pulaski was a better doctor. Inner Light is season six. The episodes had started to become a little hit and miss by this point in the run, imo. Berman/Bragga influence.
  15. I loved Darmok (and Jillad at Tanagra, on the ocean, his arms open wide, etc.). It's just a variation of Enemy Mine, which is all riffing on Gilgamesh. ...there is no new thing under the sun. - Shakespeare (as riffed from Ecclesiastes) Inner Light is the reason I fell in love with TNG. It is a gold standard episode for me and one of the finest pieces of writing I have seen on television. :)
  16. Yeah, I know what you mean about JL. Personally, it hasn't been one of my favourites, but it was really cool to see them play it live. I appreciate the song now more than I ever have because I saw them play it. And, then TCE and Xanadu and Prelude and, of course, Cygnus X-1 (my favourite) and Lakeside Park and a full version of Anthem and What You're Doing and then the Garden Road riff ... and then I had to gather pieces of my exploded head and find the exit.
  17. That might be the greatest Rush photo I have seen. :ebert: Wow! Look at the smiles! That is a classic. Thanks for posting this one, Snaked. In the past, I've asked the question here and elsewhere: "Suppose one night Neil came to the front of the stage and spoke to the audience....?" That scenario almost happened!! The lips aren't moving, but he is speaking to the audience. He's very warm and engaging. He's thanking us and showing us his feelings. Tonight, we are not strangers; tonight, we are long awaited friends.
  18. That might be the greatest Rush photo I have seen. :ebert: Wow! Look at the smiles! That is a classic. Thanks for posting this one, Snaked.
  19. A Day In The Life Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts VI - IX Beach Baby I've never seen Rush play these songs live. And, since there will likely be no next tour, these are the songs that I choose. The production of A Day In The Life will be astounding. Alex should *shred* the guitar part and watching Geddy handle the pedal bass tones during the keyboard section should be interesting during Shine On. And ... who doesn't want to hear Geddy sing Beach Baby?
  20. Alex has said that, but I keep feeling like it's just a way of denying the "Last Tour" moniker that R40 has become. To even record new material is going to mean Alex and Neil have to stay in reasonably good shape; regularly practice, and not have their infirmities get in the way. I know Geddy has this expensive new studio, and I have every expectation that we will be hearing solo stuff from him, but I have real doubts that Alex or Neil will play any significant part in it. I'd view any new Rush material or performances as icing on the cake, but I honestly think when they leave the stage on Saturday, that's the last of Rush as a performing or even recording band we're likely to see. :goodone: The way I see it, anything we've gotten from Rush after August 1997 has been a gift and icing on the cake. I think Rush is over. But, it's been a fantastic ride, so I'm okay with that. :) :cheers:
  21. :LMAO: I *knew* Geddy was reading you! I wonder what he's thinking? http://www.thescifiworld.net/img/smilies/galactica/cylon/cylon002.gif
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