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    Rush, photography, books, cats, owls, stand-up comedy, etc.

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    Clockwork Angels Tour (Ridgefield, WA on 7/28/13)
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    All of them
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    Time Machine Tour -- 9th row seat!!! (Ridgefield, WA, 6/28/12) Clockwork Angels Tour -- floor seat! (Seattle, WA, 11/13/11)
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    Goldfrapp, Scissor Sisters, Kylie Minogue, Little Boots, Rob Zombie, Madonna
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  1. I got an 11th row seat for the Portland show through the fan pre-sale. I think I got pretty damn lucky.
  2. Has anyone received their tix for the Seattle show? I'm watching my mail. Nothing yet.
  3. I'm 33 but look younger. I still get carded quite a bit which is a nice compliment. I didn't get into Rush hardcore until about two years ago but I always knew who they were since my dad liked them. He even went to a show of theirs back in the 70s, I think shortly after Neil joined the band. (He's still into them although not as much as I am.) The first song I liked of theirs was "The Big Money" back when I was about 7 or 8. Then when I was 18, I listened to "Chronicles" quite a bit. But the bug finally bit for real in 2010. Not quite sure why it took so long but I'm glad that it did happen! As such, I saw them on the Time Machine tour last year and will be traveling to Seattle this fall to see them and once again, I have a seat on the floor. Hopefully I'll get carded at the gig when I buy beer. Long live Rush!
  4. I can only dream of seeing 100 shows. The Seattle show in November will be my second. (First show was the one in Ridgefield, WA last June.) I'm 33 and grew up hearing Rush but I didn't really fall head over heels for them until about two years ago. Guess I'm a late bloomer. ETA: I'd love to go to more than one show this time around but it's not financially feasible. I spent $150 on my Seattle ticket as it is.
  5. Thumbs up from this gal. (I like their synth era quite a bit.) Although I would have swapped "Bravado" and "Manhattan Project" for "Chemistry" and "Afterimage." And I'm surprised they didn't do "Seven Cities of Gold," which is one of the standout tracks on CA, IMO.
  6. How about PORTLAND, OREGON? Please, please, please.
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