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40 Good
  1. Quite possible. It would make for a good R40 package. I'd love to have a quality copy of that Working Man... jeebus.. did you guys see Dirk whaling away at the end? He was in full Geddy mode.... never seen him play that aggressively or fluidly that I can recall. Yes! Lerxst, too. They were rocking as hard as I have ever seen them. Guess I should have recorded the show more than the three songs I put up on YouTube. I just wanted to savor the moment...
  2. I was there, and that post echoed my sentiments exactly. The atmosphere--unlike any other show I have ever been to. The crying--people everywhere (I cried during Losing It). Jack Black roaming the floor--odd but cool.
  3. Jack Black walked right past me at the end of the Red Barchetta.
  4. :( Darn them. Don't they know how great you are?
  5. Tapehead, as always, you rock! Just saw you posted New York on Dime--any chance of a youtube version soon (not to wear out your incredible generosity).
  6. Not sharing? Why not? Free the music!
  7. Except that the two shows will be cut together for the released video. If you want the full individual shows, you need bootlegs.
  8. Anyone able to download it on DIME able to repost where the rest of us can get it? My old DIME account disappeared so I don't have the ratio to pull it down.
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