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  1. I'm just here for the free food
  2. I wanna vacation somewhere outside north america. Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, anywhere there's land
    1. Permanent-Rush


      Europe is great. Iv'e been a lot there :)


      U would love it TOG

    2. thesweetscience


      I was in Ireland last year. I highly recommend it.
    3. Verena


      Agreed. European countries are a "must go."
  3. Pretty much your guide to Utah
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    2. Day of Light

      Day of Light

      ur cool can i touch your delicate arch
    3. That One Guy

      That One Guy

      r u saying my unit is bent?


      like what are you trying to say here

    4. Day of Light

      Day of Light

      no i just wanna touch the delicate arch landmark



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