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    On-road exploration, off-road exploration, camping, hiking, guitar, reading, gazebos

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    R40 7-13-15
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    La Villa Strangiato
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    Power Windows
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    The surprise R40 triple-threat of Jacob's Ladder, Hemispheres Prelude, and Xanadu.
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    Alice In Chains, Beck, David Bowie, Devin Townsend, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Porcupine Tree, Primus, Steven Wilson, Stone Temple Pilots, U2
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    Guitar, viola

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  1. Pretty much your guide to Utah
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    2. Day of Light

      Day of Light

      ur cool can i touch your delicate arch
    3. That One Guy

      That One Guy

      r u saying my unit is bent?


      like what are you trying to say here

    4. Day of Light

      Day of Light

      no i just wanna touch the delicate arch landmark



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