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Best Song Beginning

Eel Yddeg

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Can't argue with Limelight or Bastille Day as they're both outstanding intro but for some reason I'm going with By-Tor and the Snow Dog! Gotta love the youthful exuberance of the guys way back then :rush:
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The Spirit of Radio , Alex put sweat on the brow of all rock guitarist with that one. IMHO :D-13:



Great thread. Rush has at least 10 songs that could seriously fit the bill, but when pushed to pick only one, I have to go with The Spirit of Radio.


Xanadu is awesome seriously but is soft and slow at first--as is La Villa both contenders.


So many choices stated are fantastic, but the syncopation, melody, power, uniqueness, energy, and sheer anticipatory brilliance of TSOR is something so incredible and special, it has to be my winner. It is a 34 second orgasm vs a 2-7 second orgasm offered with most of their other songs.

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