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Geddy was such a sourpuss here


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Well, that was a long read. I don't think I could have listened. But then again, it is Geddy's voice :wub:


I think the interviewer was quite condescending. To keep calling Geddy, Geddy Lee every time Nardwuar addressed him, sometimes multiple times in one question... :wtf: That's just rude. It comes across as mocking Geddy. :tsk:



I disagree with the OP's assertion. Geddy, the ever graceful gentleman, handled himself very well. I would expect no less since he's the coolest person on the planet. Seriously, it's a fact.


Let's all just think about Geddy for a moment shall we ...



:wub: :heart: :sigh:


That is all.

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The Henry Rollins interview makes me think that people are kind of expecting him to be completely annoying, thats just part of his schtick. I love Peter Murphy's response, handled himself with class and didn't get flabbergasted or take exception to the guys arcane interview style. Maybe Ged wasn't totally in on it, like the guy could be completely normal and then when the tape rolls starts acting like a doofus.
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