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How a Rush fan could hate "The Garden".




Even Half The World has better lyrics than The Garden. And don't even get me started on Red Lenses!



The lyrics to Half the World could have been written by a third grader...The Garden has some of the most beautiful, meaningful, and mature lyrics of any song in the Rush canon.


Wait, I figured out why you don't like them.


Oh bullshit!


"Half of us are trying

To reach the other half"


F*cking brilliant!


Half the world hates

What half the world does every day

Half the world waits

While half gets on with it anyway


Half the world lives

Half the world makes

Half the world gives

While the other half takes


Half the world is

Half the world was

Half the world thinks

While the other half does


Half the world talks

With half a mind on what they say

Half the world walks

With half a mind to run away


Half the world lies

Half the world learns

Half the world flies

As half the world turns


Half the world cries

Half the world laughs

Half the world tries

To be the other half


Half of us divided

Like a torn-up photograph

Half of us are trying

To reach the other half


Half the world cares

While half the world is wasting the day

Half the world shares

While half the world is stealing away

Those lyrics are brilliant. I'm sorry you don't like them, and I mean that in an honest, caring, way. I think I know where he possibly got part of the idea from that song:


It's this bridge in Trenton, NJ:



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