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I Can't make thread titles like Earl, so let's

The Owl

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For anyone who has not heard of this great Band, I seriously reccomend them........... Very great prog supergroup, founded by Flower Kings/Kaipa guitarist Roine Stolt and Andy Tillison..


Stolt left the band after the second album, but the Tillison led band is making some great music.......


I highly recommend their third album actually, the first WITHOUT Stolt, "A place in the Queue" is one of the greatest prog albums of the 2000's...



Their new album that just came out last year (Down and Out in PARIS and LONDON) is very good as well, and would be in the top 5 of 2009..









If you like some very Crimson influenced modern prog......check out "The Tangent"

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HAHAHA!! You are funny!!

Luckily I can keep up with your progressive tastes Owl!!


I do own all three albums! Their last one comes with a limited edition book. Crazy!


SPV label dude!


Excellent band! Not many know of this "supergroup."


If you love prog then check them out!!


Kind of a generic post eh?





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The Music That Died Alone

The World that we Drive through

A place in the Queue

Not as Good as the Book

and, Down and Out in PARIS and LONDON..



They also have 2 live albums..


Pyramids and Stars

and Going off on One



I need their first live and first studio albums.

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QUOTE (The Owl @ Oct 6 2010, 04:52 PM)
Great man, I actually sent some of The Tangent to goobs a few days ago..... He should be receiving it soon.... One of the few current prog bands I think he will enjoy...

Good call dude! I will await his review.

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