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How To Hear The New Geddy Songs Tonight Or Tomorrow?


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Here's the quote about the two unreleased songs:


"The former Rush bassist says he has a renewed songwriting spark that he credits to rediscovering two unfinished demo songs made in the late 1990s.

“Gone" and "I Am... You Are" were originally written for his 2000 solo effort "My Favourite Headache," but they didn't end up on the album. Lee came across them while sifting through the archives for his upcoming memoir "My Effin' Life." He shined them up, added new elements to finish them off and said he plans to release both on Tuesday as part of the audiobook version of his memoir, out the same day. His representatives say a digital and streaming release will follow."


Now does this mean a digital & streaming release for the two songs or the entire audio book?


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On 11/13/2023 at 9:53 PM, thizzellewashington said:

I would imagine the two songs will be released individually on digital/streaming platforms this week. Maybe a physical release for Record Store Day or something to that effect.




Waiting for a physical release. Waited this long already.

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45 minutes ago, thizzellewashington said:

I went to the book tour stop in Seattle on Friday and Geddy said the songs would be released digitally/streaming "next week." So there's that.


I just hope they are available as FLACs on the digital download to purchase sites. I hate shitty MP3s and streaming.

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